This Week By the Numbers

Don't read this if you're tired, it's guaranteed to induce a nap!

--times driven to the dance studio back and forth--5
--total hours DQ has danced in class --7.5
--times driven back and forth to the school--14
--assemblies I've attended--2 on 2 different days
--doctor/orthodontist appointments--4
--miles driven to doctor's appointments-120
--prescriptions received and filled-8
--birthday parties I've planned and had--1 of 2 (second one is tomorrow!)
--number of goody bags made-16
--loads of laundry done--7
--times i've been to the grocery store--4
--phone calls asking if there was baseball practice today as it's raining-5
--calls made to Hubby regarding contacting parents about baseball practice-4
--times Hubby has said he's going to be at practice rain or shine--4
--times I switched our phone message to forward to Hubby's cell phone--1
--times My Boy has asked to play his new electronic toy--20
--times he actually got to play--3
--invitation jobs i've been asked to do--3
--signatures i've made for my design sites--12
--hours i've spent on the computer--no one is paying attention to THAT! ;-)
--times i've edited this post to add something else--5

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  1. Toni said...

    hahaha, cute!

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