Conversations Overheard in the Car

Hubby makes me laugh. While on our way to the grocery store, we got on the topic of rainbow headbands (?!) and then Hubby mentioned back in the 80's he had rainbow wristbands for baseball. *edited by Hubby to say, "they weren't rainbow, they were orange and red* Glad he cleared THAT up! blank stare

I did that cough-make a funny comment-cough thing and muffled the word "DORK" in there. Then My Boy, who makes me laugh the most, said this.......

MB--OOOH, mom said a bad word!
Me--I did not, I just coughed. What do you think I said?
MB--you said the "H" word!
DQ--WHAT? I coughed "dork", what "H" word?
wait for it.....

MB--HECTOR! Without the E!!

hold on....I'm laughing too hard to continue.....


no wait..........


Me--(Hubby and I look at eachother ready to bust) HCTOR!?
DQ--(laughing hysterically)
Me--What word are you talking about, i'm SO confused!
MB--HECTOR without the....(cutoff by DQ)
Me--HEC [Heck]?
MB--OOOH you said it again!

Hubby--you need to write that one down for the blog
Me--I know!

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    Definitely blog worthy!

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