Foolish Kind of Day

April first. The infamous day where fools everywhere finally get their time in the sun! And, they're out there, I've seen them.

Just saw one right now in the school parking lot. Pulls into a slot clearly marked "staff parking only" gets out, gets his kid, then proceeds to get pissed off at the line of cars in the loop (that are there every day but weren't foolish enough to stop and park because they'd get that much closer to getting the heck outta there) who will not allow them to back out and cause even more chaos.

BEEP! BEEP! Hands raising, head shaking, finger pointing, and not the index finger mind you. What the idiot, er fool, will have to do regardless if I let him in or not is still wait in the loop with everyone else because the orange cones are blocking any other way out. So did he really benefit by parking? Did he save any time? No. But, here's to you Angry Guy, today is your day!

Didn't pull any pranks myself. Could have scoured the bathroom cabinets for a leftover pregnancy test to fool family and friends. It'd be kinda gross though if I did find one, it would have to be 3 years old....then i'd have to photograph it and put it on my blog....we're talking 3 year old's more disturbing than funny.

My Boy tried a joke on me, but you know kids, they can't keep jokes for more than 10 seconds before they blurt out the truth.

In our school, grades K-2 use a Stop Light Behavior Chart system. Green....great behavior, yellow...don't push it, red....bad day, note home to mom. At the end of each day each child gets a small square of paper with the color they earned. My Boy has gotten nothing but green since Kinder (minus that one yellow slip, but there was a substitute....i'm over it). So as he jumped in the car he proceeded to say...

MB--Mom I got RED today...10 seconds...APRIL FOOL!

When I asked DQ if they did anything silly in their 4th grade class...

DQ(in her most serious voice)--nope we don't do anything fun like that anymore, we read, study electromagnetism, and do pre-algebra, there's just no time.
Me--um...well...good, I'm glad you're using your time in school wisely.

Poor kid!

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  1. Anonymous said...

    too funny - we haven't had any pranks in our household so far, but I'm still trying to think of a good one!

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