The End of an Era or Holy Crap She did WHAT?

It was bound to happen.

Sooner or later.

I prayed for later...

My little Houdini escaped the very nest that keeps her safe, warm, and outta mommy's hair some afternoons. K climbed out of the crib!

She awoke this afternoon like any other, "MAW-MEE...where ARE you?"

We all walked excitedly to her room as we were heading over to Yaya's next to swim and BBQ. Once we reached the room and turned the knob, there she stood, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed behind the door!

Hubby and I stared at eachother in pure terror. Then terror softened to awe as our little one is growing up. But how the heck did she escape the crib without us hearing a THUD followed by high-pitched wailing?

Nevertheless, it is what it is. She can get out of her crib on her own, at will. We'll have to take it down soon. We don't want her doing this regularly and risking injury.

Just like that, the nap and bedtime routine we perfected at 8 months old, just got a little trickier. K is ready to move on to bigger and better sleeping arrangements. I'm not. But, she is.

Hold me.

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  1. Toni said...

    AHHHH MY FEAR!! Let me know how the new arrangements go. I am SO not ready for this. (I do need the crib eventually) but I can wait 3 months or so :) (((HUGS)))

  2. Anonymous said...

    You're too funny! I've been browsing your blog and enjoyed every bit of it. Mostly cuz it's you and not kids are big now...we live a quite boring life now and reading blogs is all I Stop by and say Hello if you'd like! Enjoy your day!

  3. Deb said...

    That is the worst, when they are ready and you're not! I am using a sleep sack with my youngest, and even though he's a climber he can't get a leg high enough with his sleep sack on to climb out. We're safe for now! Maybe you can give it a try? Good luck, and I like your blog!

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