I'm Sleepy

The kids are spending the night at Yaya & Papa's. Hubby and I just enjoyed a nice dinner out. It's 9:20pm and we're sitting around waiting to go to the late movie. We're going to see 21 at 9:45...if we can make it!

It's been a long day, starting with our 8am baseball game (got there at 7:30am)...Nephew B's bday party was next at a bouncearama. Naptime for K was squeezed in while My Boy went to his best friend's party at Chuck E Cheese's--My eyes automatically rolled as he explained how he earned 245 tickets to buy a mini shovel, 2 Airheads, a rubber lizard (for K), and 2 rubber fish.

Now the dinner is settling me into a nice tummy-is-full coma, I'm worried the movie won't happen. We always have big expectations on these kid-free evenings, but the story we tell the next day is often quite boring. Truth be told, the kids make our lives more fun than we'll ever know by ourselves.

I'm just looking forward to sleeping in an extra 30 minutes.

9:30pm...Is Hubby snoring?

9:31pm...nope, still awake. Still wants to go. I think I might smuggle a pillow into the theater just in case.

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  1. Anonymous said...

    See? Next time I'm going to strive for the movie rather than the adult novelty store... :). Hope you guys had a great time!

    (Oh and got your email! Done. Can't believe that I didn't do it a long time ago!!)

  2. The Mom Jen said...

    We did make the movie and it was really good!!

    I wanna go to Vegas now!!

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