Hairy Scary

I'm a salon-ophobe. The anxiety that builds up before my hair appointment drives me to drink, eat pounds of chocolate (thank GOD for the fundraiser bars), and bite the skin around my nails until they bleed.

I usually feel liberated after a good shampoo, cut, and style. I mean my hair smells like heaven, it's new and fresh, bouncy and cute. But, to have to duplicate what my stylist just did everyday stresses the bejeezus out of me.

In the past I've done terrible things with my hair. After each baby, I've convinced myself that having a spiral perm was back IN and it would be the easiest to work with having an infant. Only I decide 3 months later that I hate it, I straighten it daily with the hair dryer, and ultimately cut so there's no curly evidence left. I beg and plead with Hubby to remind me NEXT baby to not repeat this obvious lapse of judgement...but I get hairamnesia and I tell him, "You're crazy. A perm is exactly what I need." A vicious cycle I tell you.

My current daily style consists of barely brushing it and a rubber band. I pull it into a low pony and go. No showering, no product, no stress.

The days I actually work with it I get comments like, "cute, did you just get it cut?" Nope, just applied myself. Whatevs.

This time I'm ditching the perm and adding highlights, risky no? And, for some strange reason, I'm digging this girl's part...

I like this style, but it's kinda short. The color is more mine...not sure about the cyclops thing going on.

This is adorable, but high maintenance, and is her hair like red-orange crayon?

I'm positive my hair will NOT look anything like those pictures.

My appointment is tomorrow, I probably won't post a photo until hmm..maybe July. By then the hightlights will have grown out and i'll be back to the low pony. Sorry, that's just the honest truth. SIGH. I need a candy bar.

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  1. Heather said...


    I wish you could come up to my stylist's. She is da BOMB! Only person who has ever cut (and now colored, evidenced on my blog) my hair to LOOK LIKE THE PICTURE!!!

    She makes me love my hair. And replicating the style? Super EZ. I bet you have similar hair as I do, looking at pics, in that it's probably thick with body, pretty moldable with the right blow dry/brush combo, and needs minimal product.

    (hugs) I feel ya.

  2. The Mom Jen said...

    I'm taking the next plane out!

    My hair is THICK thick and slightly unmanageable and frizzy....

    Wish me luck.

  3. Sous Chef Mom said...

    I dont want to talk about Hair... Butch and I are still fighting. LOL

  4. ** said...

    Hair, hhhhhhhair, haaaaaaaaaaair, haiiiiiiiiir, hairrrrrrrrrrrrrr, how many ways can I say it? My hair is not my friend. The trick is in the blow dry. The blow dryer is not my friend. I repeat, the blow dryer is NOT my friend. Do you know how to give good blow dry? My lady makes my hair look so cute. I do not make my hair look so cute. Every other Tuesday if it is a full moon my hair MIGHT look cute.

    I wish you luck on your hair endeavors, it is a scary hair world out there. I will say secret hair prayers for you. Do not be surprised if I happen to proposition you later on, I have been known to do that on other blogs FYI.

  5. The Mom Jen said...


    I saw your little 'come on'...I hope I'm as worthy. ;)

    Everyone I know uses a Flat Iron now, I'm just so out of the loop in the hair dept.

    Heather...yours is stinkin' cute!

  6. Sarah McBride said...

    super cute cuts!
    I was watching Reality Bites a few months ago and fell in love with Winona Ryders 90's gen-x shaggy bob type cut that I ran to the nearest Super cuts and had her chop off 17 inches of my hair.
    I am trying to grow it back out, but after seeing these pictures I am itching for another "trim"

    great blog, I added you to my favorites.

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