Learn to Speak K-lish, Lesson 1

Cavebaby K's Cute Words and Phrases

*beware there is a TON of inappropriately used punctuation (let's not forget the terrible grammar) in this post...I'm sorry for making my friend Molly blind with the horror of it all, she's a college English instructor. I, obviously, am not.

Me (or My) Nenoll--I'm Kendall--introducing herself to anyone and everyone who'll listen, often when i'll say "good morning beauty" she'll say 'no me Nenoll'

Meen Up--Clean Up--as in 'meen up meen up ewybudy ewyweh' (Barney song) or 'meen up me mom durtee' if she's sticky/dirty/sees the wipes or the bathtub

Cuk--Stuck--as in 'mama cuk me' when her foot/arm/head/toy/diaper is stuck somewhere

Nyde Wood--Nice Word--instead of her saying "please" or "thank you" or using her "nice words" as we tell her, she says, 'nyde wood mom more baba!'

PatPat--Pat Pat the Rocket/Little Einsteins TV Show--as in 'mama PatPat?' first thing in the morning

Nah Woody--Not Working--as in 'my baba's nah woody' [nipple is plugged]

Opie--Open--no she doesn't watch The Andy Griffith Show, as in 'opie [insert anything here]' mostly pertaining to objects that cannot be opened

Wee--Slide/Swing/Playground Equipment--as in 'mama go skoo wee' [go to the school, pick up the kids and play on the playground]

Buttol--Buckle--on the carseat or stroller, 'mama my buttol yay mommy' (!)

Mohn--Phone--as the phone rings...'uh oh mohn' [runs to get it and says 'hi Yaya' everytime]

Ohmert--Homework--as in 'my ohmert' [when DQ and My Boy are doing theirs, she has crayons and paper or her big Elmo coloring book]

Got it? There's going to be a test you know, I hope you're taking notes. One of these days I'll video K during her semi-coherent story telling and YOU will have to try and decipher what she's saying.

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  1. ** said...

    Buttol... is the best


    Mohn is pretty good

  2. Erin said...

    ROFL Don'tcha just love this age? Too cute.

  3. Merrie said...

    This just makes my womb do somersaults.

  4. Heather said...

    Toooooooo cute!!

    I miss these little toddlerisms (not the behaviors. just the words) Punkinhead used to say he wanted his nigh-nigh (blankie) and that he wanted cha-cha meeelk (chocolate milk) - that one was always accompanied by a cute little tushie cha-cha too.

  5. Unknown said...

    omg this might be the best post I've ever seen! I love your blog!

  6. The Buntens said...

    Oh, I remember my daughter doing this. I wrote them down somewhere. So sweet.

  7. The Roaming Southerner said...

    jUst wanted you to know that I'm jammin' to Get Jiggy Wit It in my cube.


  8. Tiffany said...

    Aww how cute! My son is 4 and I can't get him to say Old McDonald. He says Ate McDonald had a farm. LOL And disappear is Jus appear. Kids are so cute. And yours is a little doll!

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