Learn to Speak K-lish, Lesson 2

Yes by the way. K will have speech therapy in her future, thank you for asking. It's cute right now though.

Choo Choo-trains, Thomas the Train, things that resemble trains, sometimes fire trucks

Pip-sip-as in 'mommy pip' to my coffee or occasional soda cup. Always followed by 'mmmmm dood.'

Dood-good-rhymes with wood

Foffy-coffee-as in 'uh oh foffy all done' recently when My Boy hit the cup with a ball

Durl-girl-as in 'mommy dood durl?' or 'Nenoll bad durl'

Weeno Noun-window down-a question in the car, most often when it's freezing out or raining

Moo-move or excuse-oddly enough not what a cow says

Moo-Me-excuse me-'moo-me' follows burps, farts, and when she's pushing someone out of the way

Moo My Teet-move, that's my seat-even if it isn't

Mow-moo-what a cow says, rhymes with now

Ewe-shoe-as in 'ewes where ARE you' when we're looking for them

Bet a Bode Wood-Best of Both Worlds-Hannah Montana show theme song, her favorite song and I think she knows all the words!

Read Lesson 1 here. There will be a test! ;)

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  1. Kelley said...

    Thats great. We had utter upheval in our house when I did not now what "pin-yin" was and did not get it to my son fast enough.

    ( that was pudding by the way)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog !

  2. ** said...

    These are so cute, they make me giggle.

    I also love to just blog surf your blog roll. In case you are wondering why I am constantly on your site. Well that and I just plain stalk you, all the time. Do you seeme? I am currently outside your front window.. come closer wave to me woman! Wave!

  3. The Mom Jen said...

    Becky! Just come to the door! Can I offer you a cold beer or nice glass of wine? ;)

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