Me--(fuming mad cooking dinner)
Hubby--(walking in from work) Hey "Cook-y" what's up?
He calls me cook-y when I cook, original right?
Me--(evil-eying him)
My Boy--K was in time out!
K--DADDY DADDY DADDY (running in with tears streaking her face)
Hubby--What happened?
Me--Read my blog later and you'll know!

I am the silent-treatment type when i'm in a bad mood. Cooking was MY timeout.

I just stopped sweating a few minutes ago and it's been an hour since we came home.

K was threw a most heinous tantrum in the store today. Probably my fault, it almost always is. I dropped DQ off at dance and decided at the last minute to be a stellar wife and mom by going to the store with my younger 2 kids and get preparations for dinner. I wanted to get through the store quickly so I buckled her into the cart. Sometimes Hubby lets her walk, but that's when we have an hour to spare in the store, both of us are there and we could care less if she jumps into the freezer by the ice cream.

Today, I didn't have that much time. As soon as we got the buckle buckled it started, "WALK Mommy! Walk Mommy" over, and over, and over, like the broken record she can be. Did I mention before that she is LOUD...she is, and she was.

I ran down aisles haphazardly almost hitting the same woman twice in different sections of the store. K was not letting up. In her Houdini-like body movements she wiggled herself out of the cart-belt and proceeded to stand-up in the seat! I'm throwing mushrooms and bell peppers into the basket with one hand, and have K by the arm with my other.

People are staring, I'm sweating! I just love when people look at you like you are the cruelest person ever. I have been on the other end of this scene many times and I am more apt to give that mom a look of "I understand" instead of "You are a terrible mother-can't you control your kid?"

She's two, I understand you can never leave the house with kids 18months-kindergarten-age, but come on, mama needs groceries!

If you're asking why I didn't just give in and let her walk...well, she didn't have any shoes on! (blush)

I told you it was my own fault.

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  1. ** said...

    Thank you for making my morning :)

  2. Tasha said...

    Heaven forbid you want to take your kids to the store by yourself! I am laughing a thte sweating....I sooooo feel your pain in every way. You know what I do? Shop at Walmart- it's the only place my kids can scream blood murder and I just dont care. Let em's Walmart. :)

  3. Heather said...

    *sigh* I feel you.

    I never blogged it, it's still in draft, but over the holidays punkinhead did the houdini shopping cart thing too, CLIMBED out while I was looking at cards, took off running, I ran after him with slick soled shoes, my feet flew out in front of me and I landed flat on my ass, erstwhile my child ran about like a savage. When I caught him and put him back in the cart, I headed straight to check out, trying to keep him contained the whole time that he screamed throughout the store. I wanted to put him up for sale after that.

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