Wednesday Wondering

I was just eating an orange and thought...why does every bite of the sweet and sour goodness make my left eye squint and my nose and mouth scrunch up? This happens with lemons too, and it's especially funny (read: mean and wrong) when you give one to your baby for the first time and then photograph their reaction and laugh hysterically!

Also, why can't I keep my eyes open when I sneeze? This scares me when i'm driving. A serious sneeze-fit could send me through semaphores and into a oncoming train! I guess if I see a semaphore down I should probably stop anyway, but what if the sneeze is right before I stop? This is a serious worry of mine. Also, I like that word SEMAPHORE. Semaphore. Semaphore.

One last one to ponder...why are yawns contagious?



I need answers people. I'm not writing my thesis on it or anything, but I need to know. What is the purpose of these reflexes?




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  1. OHmommy said...

    You are right... I totally shut my eyes too when I sneeze. And cross my legs. :)

  2. Anonymous said...

    Ugh... I totally hate having to sneeze while driving. Every time my nose starts to tingle, I have visions of me standing on the side of the road explaining to the police why I ran over than little old lady in the cross walk...

  3. Sous Chef Mom said...

    You mean people HAVE the answers to these questions???

    Boy... you got me ;)

  4. RS said...

    I don't know about the yawn thing. But I think the eye closing is to keep your eyes from popping out from the force of the sneeze...think I read or heard that somewhere...not sure.

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