I'm a Bad Cell Phone Owner

Guess which cell phone is mine?

The answer is "D"-None of the Above.
Grr. I hated that option on multiple choice tests! Almost as much as All of the Above or A and B, but not C!

I definately don't have that enormous rectangular job from the dark ages, and if I did, I'm sure Hubby would take it apart and create some robot-thingamabob that would run the lawn mower on it's own and still have extra parts to boot.

And, are we sure that second one isn't My Boy's Nintendo DS?

I do own one though, just a basic flippy style. No bells or whistles. No blingy jewels or phone charms. No fancy rings. I think it rings, well when I turn it on it does. It doesn't have a keyboard on it, or email, or flight plans. It does have a texting option, but I can only type in all caps and I offend everyone with my yelling. I often forget my password for my voicemail so that's kinda worthless.

I really want to be a good cell phone owner. I do. But, i'm mostly home during the week, otherwise i'm within a 5 mile radius from home and just don't need the phone. If I got a flat driving to dance..I could literally walk to Hubby's office and hitch a ride. Most places I go have phones there, so I don't need one on me.

Then there's remembering to turn it on, or actually taking it off the charger and putting into my car when I leave the house. And, taking it out of the car when I get out and go shopping. See, now you're just asking alot.

Half the time I have no idea where it is. My Boy nabs it from the center console of the car and plays games on it.

Then K takes it and makes calls to 222-222-222-2222 and I swear she connects with someone and has a conversation. *If this is your number please understand my daughter is 2 and is strictly forbidden to talk to strangers or use the phone*

The phone was recently found at the bottom of the diaper bag after being MIA for a week. Then just today I went to charge it and now the diaper bag is lost. Can you see there's clearly a problem here. The universe just doesn't want me to own a phone. It also doesn't trust me with indoor plants, but that's another conversation.

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  1. Anonymous said...

    We don't have a house phone... so the cell phone is an absolute necessity. And I'm a sucker for the pretty shiny things that think for me- so my Blackberry is my lifeline.

    But the whole 222-222-222-2222 thing? Yeah, it shows up on my bill at least six times a month. :)

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