Conversations Overheard in our Car

*while eating tacos in the Taco Bell parking lot*

My Boy--Do you know a four-letter word?

Hubby and I look at eachother just waiting for this one...

Hubby--Yeah, a lot of them.
My Boy--No! Do you know a four-letter word you can spell with these letters O-C-A
Hubby--That's only 3 letters.
My Boy--I mean O-C-A-T!
My Boy--Whoa! How did you get that?

We just love when our kids have this reaction. Makes us feel like the smartest people on earth!


My Boy--Mom, can you say "Toy Boat" 3 times fast? toy boat-boy tote-toy butt (cracks up laughing)
Me--Yeah. toy boat-toy boyt-toy bowyt
My Boy--(still cracking up) I said BUTT!
Me--toy boat-toy boy-boit boy...AHH What the?
K--(cracking up mostly because My Boy is cracking up) Funeee haha!
Me--toy boyt-boy butt...FORGET IT!
My Boy--YOU. (laughing harder) SAID. (crying I think) BUTT!
Me--toy boat-toy boy-boat boy
My Boy--I told you it was IMPOSSIBLE!!

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  1. Vicki said...

    Oh my gosh, out of the mouths of babes!!! That cracked me up listening to you saying it. So of course I had to try it and had the same results!!! LOL!!!!

    So cute!!! :)

  2. Sarah McBride said...

    toy boyt toy boyt boy boyt.

    try peggy babcock....

  3. Anonymous said...

    even I am laughing at that. Kids laughing about about saying 'Butt' cracks me up!!

  4. Anonymous said...

    HA! The best conversations happen in the car, don't they?

    Great blog!

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