ME-Momma, or My Momma?

Mother's Day is tricky each year.

Definately a day I've earned in the last 10 years. Giving up my short-lived career for motherhood was a sacrifice (and a decision I would never regret). DQ was a easy babe, but it came at a time when I didn't know motherhood from a hole in the ground. I prayed that I was doing the right things. When My Boy was born his colicky days about had me admitted to a padded room. When my hubby was hospitalized off and on for 5 months back in 2002, I was a single mom of 2, doing the best that I could with little help. Baby #3 has been a blessing all around, and I finally have a clue to this mothering thing. Earplugs! Oh wait that's an answer to a different question.

But there's also my mom that I want to celebrate. She is why I'm here. She is amazing. Always there when you need her. Someone to hang out with, eat dinner with, play bingo with, gamble in Tahoe with.

She's also an amazing Yaya to my kids. Without fail, my mom begs once a week (at least) to have my kids over and give Hubby and I a few hours to ourselves. How awesome is that? Yaya and Papa's "restaurant" serves our kids whatever they want, most often 3 different meals of their choice that night, PLUS dessert. Not to mention the occasional "pay for work" plan they give the older kids. My Boy comes home some nights with a crisp 5 dollar bill and sore arms from cleaning the pool. Spoiling is top priority at Yaya and Papa's.

So our plans for Mother's Day comes down to who gets priority billing? My sister-in-law and I discussed last year that we save the Saturday before for my mom and then we individually get our special day that Sunday. Sounds good, I think I'll work on that.

Now what do I want to do Sunday, May 11th? DQ has already mentioned it's her Happy Half-Birthday. Okay, not about you. Hubby suggested an A's game. Okay, not about you and you get your day next month. My Boy and K suggested the BEETS. Ah..i'm still whining about my current sun-scorch, I think I'll pass. I swore one of the kids also mentioned going to Build-a-Bear. How does that always come into so many of our conversations? If I wanted something furry I'd sweep under the couch in the computer room.

Well, I have 10 days to think about it. Right about now a champagne breakfast followed by champagne brunch and a wine dinner sounds about right.

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  1. ** said...

    I dunno?! Tough call... Build a Bear is OUT though!

  2. Anonymous said...

    Do you mean 'Yaya' as is the Greek term for Grandma?

    A-thanks for your sweet words about my pup.

    B-can't wait for mothers day-I have some killer stuff on my wish list.

    C-I ALSO pick wines based upon labels!!!

  3. The Mom Jen said...

    Yaya---yes, but we only just found that out recently. It was the name my baby came up with for my mom! We're not Greek.

    A. You're welcome!
    B. Rawk!
    C. I really need to get drinking that one has been up for too long! ;)

  4. Vicki said...

    Yeah, definitely needs to be about you!!! I have no idea what I want for Mother's Day. Not that I'm ever asked. Mother's Day doesn't happen unless I remind, remind, remind. And then, it sort of loses it's "spark" - kwim?

    Anyway, the champagne breakfast and lunch and wine dinner sounds lovely!! ;)

  5. Heather said...

    I'm with Vicki....on all points.

    Your mama sounds like a great lady, definitely worth celebratin' b/c, well, we don't all have that ;)

    BUT....mothers who are also daughters (like MOST of us are) shouldn't have to live in the shadows of their matriarchs - spread the love around!!!

    Here's to a happy Mama Day.

    I'm not holding my breath for the b'day/Mama Day two-fer this year....

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