Heatwave on Bike Week

Bike Week was 2 weeks ago. It was also during a heatwave. Two things that don't really go together for a 7 and a 9 year old.

The kids were pumped on Monday. They didn't have to bike that day according to the school, but Bike Week is exactly that, a week, not one day. So helmets on, check. Bike lock combinations memorized, check. The rule to not tell anyone your combo reminded, check. Off to school they go. The day goes on the weather heats up. Mid 80's that day, no biggie. The complaints start on the way home.

"I'm sweating." "Did you bring the car?" "Why did I wear a long sleeve and pants today?" Grumble, grumble roar.

Tuesday morning. Not so excited to ride, but still willing. I remind the kids that it's going to be hotter than the day before, keep that in mind. This means no extra coats or sweatshirts that have to be added to the backpack later, and wear short-sleeves and shorts, for your own good. The weather hits the 90's. Great. Enter the afterschool whining.

"I can't get my lock open." (all the while spinning the numbers around aimlessly, not even looking). "Can you carry my backpack?" "I'm NOT riding my bike tomorrow."

Wednesday comes and DQ refuses to ride. My Boy is still on board. Weather high 90's, but My Boy is a trooper. He also is trying not to seem whiney and outshine his sister since she didn't ride at all. Yeah, I notice that stuff. It's funny.

Thursday's here. The official day at school where you ride, and get rewarded. This year's choices, a bike week t-shirt or a blinking reflector for your bike, plus a breakfast treat of juice and danish. Both kids are ready to go bright and early. Even DQ. The weather is supposed to reach 100+ degrees, but it's minimum day, they're out at 12:35pm. The school bike racks are over-flowing. Hubby rides with them and gets left to lock up their bikes as the kids dart off to the prize table. DQ gets the tee and My Boy the blinking reflector. Nothing is said on the way home other than a quick, "ooh my seat's hot."

Friday comes and the kids are so over the biking to school idea. They endured as much as they could that hot week. Now we're on to the countdown to summer. 9 days. Nine short days until they're home all day until August 18. Hold me.

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  1. Bahama Shores Mama said...

    I'm over school and we have 6.5 school days left......however talk to me at the end of July and I'll be totally singing a different tune!

  2. Kelly said...

    Oh I hear ya..I am counting down the days until summer..and bracing myself. I will endure, fighting, arguing, pinching, screamimg all the while waiting for 9am August 18th...

  3. carrie said...

    We are totally on the countdown here too!

    And I just saw over there that you're a Charlotte - ME TOO! Great minds, I guess . . .

  4. Anonymous said...

    14th Annual, huh? Very impressive. For me, Bike Week would involve 3 hours, round trip, so I'll be passing on that one.

    By the way...they say that the "cycles" of women who live in the same house often align with each other. Seeing your Friday post, I can't help but wonder...Could we be sisters?

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