Momma's Got a Brand New Bag

This could possibly be the most boring post I ever write. I jotted down notes early in my blogging career (because after 3 months I am now a veteran), and one idea I liked was posting a photo of what was in my purse at the moment.

I've seen pictures in other blogs of tampons, baby diapers, kids' toys, receipts, chewed gum in a paper wad. Such excitement. Then today I decided it was my turn to take a photo.

This new purse of mine is a knockoff. I will never purchase a real Coach bag in my lifetime, nor would I keep one if one was sent to me for free (I'd give it to my mom). That's just me, Coach and Target clothes just don't seem to go together. I only supported my friend G at her purse party with something I could easily strap across my chest or around my waist as a fanny pack. What I didn't think clearly about was how little the thing would actually hold. I had to pick and choose the necessities from my wallet because the whole thing wouldn't fit. *sigh*

-gum to mask the coffee breath
-earrings in case I want to give the idea that I am put together
-lip gloss
-lip balm
-credit card
-supersaver card for that .25 off my coffee
-DL in which i'm 9 months preggo with My Boy and look like a small cow
-medical card...just in case (!?)

I'm hoping someone out there has more exciting things to show off!

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  1. Rebecca said...

    Oh I love that bag J, but lady you don't tell people it is a knock-off, go with the Coach flow!! ;)

  2. Not Just Any Jen said...

    Cute little bag! I've never really carried a purse, but now I carry a diaper bag everywhere. I could maybe do this! Although it would not be as dainty and clutter free as yours!

  3. OHmommy said...


    How can it be boring when you talk about purses? LOL!

  4. Susie said...

    My contents are so boring I couldn't even post what's in my purse! I love the earrings!

  5. Merrie said...

    Amen, sister.

  6. Tasha said...

    oooo LOVE that purse! I am so going to copy the "what's in your purse/wallet" idea!

  7. ** said...

    Okay I am over here laughing my ass off. Wanna know WHY? Okay good, I'll tell you! Because I have purse envy. Such purse envy that upon arriving home from our last Hawaii trip I talk Miles into letting me ebay a Coach purse for my birthday. Of course in all my excitement I failed to actually measure not "how big" the bag would actually be but HOW FLIPPING SMALL the bag actually was. I am now the proud owner of a new but few years older style coach bag that will hold approximately a few more items that you are showing in this very post for an insane amount of money that COULD have purchased a lot of cute things from Target. Yes, yes Jen, I am that dumb.


  8. mom3crazygirls said...

    no cell phone?? no pix of the toe tat 5? I a so sad!!

  9. Tenakim said...

    Love the new layout! I have a knock off of a Dolce & Gabana- I thought it was expensive- what the hell do I know?

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