It's Raining Men!

DeAnna Pappas gets a second chance at love, and her pick from 25 eligible bachelors on this season's The Bachelorette.

I didn't think i'd fall for it, but I did. I was channel surfing around 9pm last night and came across this show. I haven't watched in years since a group of us used to order chinese food and drink wine while bagging on the shenanigans the men would pull to get a chance to impress the bachelorette. Our group dissolved once a few ladies moved, and that was that. Hubby wasn't too interested so I just gave up on it. But, my fingers tapped the remote to the guide, then to info, then to "record series" in a matter of seconds and now i'm in for the long haul. Hubby groaned as he got up from the couch, "no, watch it with me, we can rip on the show together, it'll be fun!" He sighed in agreement as he went to the fridge for a beer.

So blah blah blah, you got dumped by Brad Womack as the finalist on the last Bachelor and you're back for revenge, er, love. Great. Enter the 25 desparate, I mean lucky, men. **This is a different video from my original post...YouTube is weird**

Here are some notes I took:

Donato--complete sleazeball, drunk. Did you see him ask her friend Jennie to sit in his lap? Pig, yuck.
Eric--the Greek...a little to chiseled in the facial features, but sweet.
Fred--she gave him a rose. Really?! I don't remember him at all in the show. I know, she couldn't think of anyone else's name. "Fred?! Is there a Fred in here? *nervous laugh* Oh good. Thank gawd."
Graham--HOTTIE! Nice pick. I don't even remember what he does for a living. Don't care.
Jason--the Dad. I'm so rooting for him because of the 'son' factor. BUT, I think he should have told her that night. He said he would just not in the first conversation. The divorcee got props for being forthcoming....fingers crossed.
Jesse--the snowboarder. DUDE! His outfit was atrocious, but very real, i'll give him that. I was so praying that Karate Kid wouldn't hurt him with that lemon trick. I don't think he'll last long, just being honest.
Sean--the karate kid. Hubby says, "Billy Ray called, he want's his mullet back!" Get a NEW DO.
Jon--resort manager. Takes too long to do his dopey spiked hair. No.
Luke--oyster farmer. Aww....I felt sorry for him. He gave her the pearl necklace and all.
Paul--the canadian. Jumped in the pool with all his clothes on to "stand out" and came out, undressed to speedos with her name on the butt. CLA-SSY. Got teased later for 'shrinkage.'
Robert--the chef.'d eat well.
Ron--the hairdresser. Did anyone notice his shop is called "The Soul(e) Patch" I guess that's classier than "The Flava Sava."
Spero--the actor with strange glasses. Really?! Those glasses are hideous on you unless he's a stand-in for that guy in Revenge of the Nerds. *shudder* He even talked like a dork.
Twilley--the guy with the frat nickname. Please grow up and go with your given name at birth, this is not Rush, and she's not a giddy sorority girl.

So her final 15 choices were: Jesse, Jeremy, Richard, Ron, Graham, Eric, Robert, Sean, Ryan, Chris, Paul, Fred, Twilley, Jason, and Brian from Texas.

I'll be recapping throughout the show, but catch it live Mondays on ABC, 9pm/8 central.

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  1. Sarah McBride said...

    I dont know how I feel about the Bachelorette right now.
    I love the painted warrior who howled at the moon when he was eliminated.
    we will see how this season progresses.

  2. Vicki said...

    Oh GOOD!!! I'm so glad I'm not alone in this one. I haven't watched one of these shows in a long time and I swore I wasn't going to start again, but like you - I flipped through and DRAT, there it was. Shoot - hooked now!!! So yep, watched the whole thing. LOVE your notes on the guys - dead on. My favorites are: Richard, the dorky science teacher guy (he is SOO cute in a nerdy sort of way, especially with his glasses on). I LOVED how when she walked in the room with the rose, he stepped back thinking she would walk past him and was so surprised when it was for him - AWWWW!!!! I also like Jason - the dad, but how will she feel about a ready made family (she's only 26). I also liked Jeremy - the guy who got the first, first impression rose. Very cute and seems to be very classy.
    There were some seriously funny moments - how about the idiot that grabbed her hand and made her feel his stomach. And the freak who ripped his shirt and howled at the moon!!!! LMAO!!!!
    This season looks to be quite entertaining!!!! LOL!! Glad I have someone to share it with, cause all my friends think I'm nuts for watching!!!! :)

  3. Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

    I haven't yet watched this so maybe I'll have to. Sounds like quite a bit of drama! Whoo-hoo!

  4. The Mom Jen said...

    Yay Vicky!! You definately are spot on as well! How could I forget the science teacher and the ab guy?? Thanks for adding that!
    Look forward to more talks in the upcoming weeks!! ;)

  5. Amber said...

    I am glad I am not the only one watching. I was lovin Graham. What a hottie! I wanted to hit the drunk one. It should be a good season. It will be interesting to see them living with her.

  6. Anonymous said...

    Can't read your post yet because I have yet to watch the second half of it. I've got it Tivo'd though and I will come back for the dish after I've watched it!

  7. Sue Wilkey said...

    Unfortunately, I started slumming with "Flavor of Love", then "I Love New York", then "Rock of Love" and Now "A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila." Once you go trash, you don't go back.

  8. nope said...

    OH I am SO glad you did this! I started to watch it, but then got distracted. I WANT the dad to be the final guy. Yes the dad points totally got me.

  9. Anonymous said...

    Thanks for the recap! I missed it because my husband was watching some horrible hunting show (and I forgot to record it, but I prefer to blame him.)

  10. Amy said...

    Yeppers, I am a sucka too! I kinda liked the show and was surprised that I made it through the whole 2 hours. Damn, reality tv gets me every time! I also liked the dad and some other guy with dark hair. Darn, I have no clue who he was. But anyways, your descriptions were spot on! Look forward to seeing your reviews.

  11. Kelly said...

    I am so rootin' for the single dad..Jason I think and the one guy Graham..well just because he's yummy..also Jesse..but I really don't see her picking him in the end though..My hubby gets so annoyed with me cause I watch all the reality crap..I must agree with Sue..'once you go trash you never go back' haha

  12. Aubrey said...

    Like you, I gave up on this show long ago. I caught last season's reunion episode and felt so bad for DeAnna. When I saw she was the new Bachelorette, I had to watch (+ it helps that I dvr'd it and could skip thru commercials!) I look forward to your recaps!

  13. Aubrey said...

    Just came across your blog. Love It! Look forward to your weekly recaps! So far, you are spot on! Rooting for the Dad, the Science Guy and yummy Graham!

  14. Anonymous said...

    You are hooked! Hubby and I watched The Bachelor religiously, but he's not interested in this one. I didn't see it, but I do plan to start on Monday or so....cuz I have nothing better to do, of course! :)

  15. carrie said...

    OMG, I like Jason and Graham and I just cannot figure out why she has kept the snow boarder on, I mean he seems like a cool guy, but I don't think she likes him "that way," you know?

    Jason is from Washington, so of course I heart him!

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