Learn to Speak K-lish, Lesson 3

Recap here: Lesson 1, Lesson 2
I'm getting a little nervous. K has been a bit more articulate of late. I fear these lessons will all be history sooner than I think. But, until then....

Yeetle-turtle-as in 'ass a yeetle mommy' (pointing to a pic of a turtle)

Ass-that is-see Yeetle

Hi Yide-outside-as in 'I pay hi yide?'

Nye Nye da Cots-fall asleep on the couch-when we tell her it's time to go to bed in the crib, she says, 'no! nye nye de cots!'

Boot-book-rhymes with foot

Eh-Maine-airplane-her Little People eh-maine goes with her everywhere these days

Button-medicine-lately since we've been applying lotions (medicated) for her recent skin ailments. Yesterday it was *scratch scratch scratch* 'mommy button me ish ish ish'

Ish-itch-said with a scrunched up face, see Button

Ayebakes-pancakes-chimes in the chanting of Pancakes, Pancakes, at least once a weekend with DQ and My Boy, 'ayebakes, ayebakes!'

Peepoo BBB-Little People DVD-'pees mom peepoo bbb' pointing to the DVD she wants to watch

Pees-please-follows 'nyde wood, pees mom _______?'<----enter any desire here.

Eeny Nones-Indiana Jones-as in 'wats Eeny Nones My Boy' because he, she, and Hubby watched a few of the movies last week. Now the promos are on cereal boxes, Kleenex, you name it, and K knows who he is!

Duh Duh Duh Duuuunnnn, Duh Duh Duh Duuuunnn-Beethoven's 5th-as in 'Duh Duh Duh Duuuunnnn, Duh Duh Duh Duuuunnn scare me mom' when watching the Little Einstein's episode with this as the 'music of the day.' She sometimes hides her eyes too. It isn't the most joyous sounding music.

Lellow or Wallow-yellow-her favorite color. There is a 'lellow car' parked when we take My Boy to karate and she knows to look for it. Today at the pediatrician she said the "bee" doll was 'wallow'.

Bah bub-bathtub-where Elmo and Yoyee live.

Yoyee-Dori-from Finding Nemo

Elmo-Nemo or Elmo-50/50 chance you'll get this.

Wowie-Zoie or Howie-Zoie from Sesame Street, Howie is her stuffed hippo.

Momish-sandwich-'my momish mommy?' pointing to the peanut butter

I can go on and on and on and on and on. And I will... just in another lesson.

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  1. Musings of a Housewife said...

    Aw, that's cute! I should do that. We'll forget all these little words, you know.

  2. Bahama Shores Mama said...

    My favorite word from when my oldest daughter was little was she called shampoo ~ hairpoo!

  3. Anonymous said...

    I wish I would take the time to write this kind of gold down for my kids. I love this!

    My oldest used to say "guh-dah guh-dah" for "all done" and do a swiping motion with his hands. I miss that.

    And thanks for including me in your blogroll! I'm keeping good company down there!

  4. ** said...

    Jen, how long does it take you to sound these out? I love them :)

  5. Ali said...

    Awwww, I miss lellow! I wish my 4 year old hadn't learned the correct pronunciation!

  6. Sarah McBride said...

    Oh i remember those days. Learning to speak toddler is great!
    whey-daya(where's daddy) was my fave.

  7. DD said...

    I'm loving reading your blog. My 19 month old (Josie) says similar phrases. :)

    Come visit me some time!

  8. Kelly said...

    Love your blog..we have alot of the same shows on the dvr...
    how do you get music to play on your blog..thats cool I want to do that...

  9. Angie McCullagh said...


  10. Christina said...

    LOL! I love all these adorable words of hers! It's so great you're recording this for her.

  11. Lisa said...

    I love how little people talk! And what a smart mama you are for recording it all. Before you know it she'll be so big!

    Sweet, sweet stuff!

  12. The Roaming Southerner said...

    okay, that is the cutest!

    My parents have several words that we all said growing up that we all use in every day talk. I call them Embryisms.
    you get it...I'm turning 27, and I still use them. So if you want you can have these gems for awhile to come

  13. McMommy said...

    I ditto what Lisa said! There are so many times when I wish I had written down the cute words Matty called things! You THINK you will never forget....

  14. amanda said...

    so cute honey!!

    first time visitor from way of mcmommy but i will be back for future lessons :)

  15. Anonymous said...

    The days of mispronunciations are just about completely over for us and that saddens me. I would never dare to correct my daughter when she would say words the wrong way. It was too darn cute for that. :)

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