Where's Your 'Place?'

In these parts it goes like this.

Fast food, Mexican, Pizza, or Super Expensive.

That's all our town knows. There is no middle ground.

Every new eating establishment that has popped up in the last 10 years seems to be either a taqueria or a crappy pizza joint. I would kill for an Olive Garden or ANY other type of family style restaurant in town. Nope, have to drive 20-30 miles for that. With these gas prices? Faghettaboutit. I'll suffer with another pb & j.

I would love to eat more often at the over-priced, but yummy, restaurants in town...but my money tree has yet to sprout despite my 10 times-a-day watering.

We have 1, ONE, uno, place we all enjoy regularly that is well worth the money. Not Mexican food, not pizza. "Chinese Place" as we refer to it. A long-time, family-run, cozy little spot located right next to My Boy's karate studio. Yum with a capital Y.

There are a few chinese/japanese/sushi eateries in town, but this one is the best. The best flavor, the best hot oil/vinegar combo, best General Tso's. *drool-wipe moment* But, dang it if I always crave it on Tuesday...when they're closed.

"Grandpa" is the owner's father (or father in law i'm not sure). He scoots around slowly to sometimes take orders, sometimes refill our drinks, sometimes sit at a nearby table to make wontons or pot stickers. He only says "thank you" in English, otherwise it's hand gestures. Cutest little guy. And, I say little in a loving way, he's just about as tall as I am. K's favorite thing to do is to give him high-5's.

"Maemi" is the owner/mom/head honcho and she's a HOOT to boot. (love to rhyme) She has this really sarcastic way about her that I LOVE. She'll ask, "what do you want to drink" and I'll say iced tea or hot tea, please. She'll say, "No. We don't have that," or "no, not for you today." I think it's funny. She brings what I order, so I know she likes me.

Most of the family's 5 children are usually around working, or doing homework, or playing on the restaurant computer. The t.v. they have plays reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond, Seinfeld, and Friends, so in case you get bored of watching someone at the next table fumbling with their chopsticks, you still have something funny to watch.

Now, you know chinese restaurants give you like a ton of food. We usually invite Yaya and Papa to join us, not normally a place Hubby and I would go on a date. Well maybe, if both of us hadn't eaten in a week. But, we haven't fasted in...a few...couple of....never.

Each of the kids have their favorites. My Boy loves the egg flower soup. I do too, with hot oil and vinegar added. K loves pot-stickers, just the insides, she watches her carbs. I like the whole thing, doused in hot oil and vinegar. DQ, our pickiest eater, enjoys white rice sprinkled with a touch of sugar. Don't judge, at least I admitted it. I could have said her fave was the broccoli, but *shhh...she doesn't even know what that is.... And, Hubby likes pork chow mein. Yep, as do I, with hot oil and vinegar. You can clearly see what my favorite is.

Fortune cookies culminate our dining experience. And, it IS an experience every visit. The older kids read their fortunes and ponder their future, 'you will inspire many,' 'you will have many friends.' Aw, I knew it. I LOVE this place!

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  1. Merrie said...

    And guess what we're having for dinner tonight?! lol!

  2. Mommy Meryl said...

    I'm so glad you left a comment for me because without that, I would have never found your blog! I just love love love it!! I can't wait to read more!!

  3. Indy said...

    I love places like this. I also have to say that I love the Sex & the City picture with you in it. It cracks me up every time I see it. So cool.

  4. Bahama Shores Mama said...

    I'll take chicken with broccoli with a side of crab ragoon......please!

  5. Blog said...

    Okay, now I'm STARVING!! I never crave Chinese...until NOW.... ;)

  6. Heather said...

    thanks a friggin' lot....now I'm craving Chinese! ;)

    Sounds yummy. And I've never tried hot oil and vinegar but it sounds right up my alley!

  7. Not Just Any Jen said...

    You are making me hungry.

  8. Susie said...

    I love chinese!

    love it.

    now i want it.

    for breakfast.

    nothing better than food on a stick or eaten with a stick!

  9. Anonymous said...

    You need chinese food home, you try the steamed pork buns in Cooking Light this month. You see, you like.

    *did you get my funny asian restaurant dialect?

  10. Anonymous said...

    Our local Chinese place actually has a sushi bar... I lived there while I was pregnant with the last spawn.

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