Dad to the Bone

written by DQ, age 9.5
D is for Daddy who loves me so much.
A is for An Awesome dad who builds stuff.
D is for Days he spends loving me.
written by My Boy, age 7
My favorite thing I like to do with my dad is go for long mountain bike rides. It is fun when we play baseball catch. I love him because we both like to watch Man vs. Wild. When I grow up, I want to be a civil engineer like my dad. It's cool when he takes me surveying and I get to ride the quad. He is really nice.

Facts about Hubby...

Favorite drink--diet Pepsi and Coors Light
Favorite outfit--Levis and a tee shirt, or cargo shorts and tee.
Favorite baseball team--Oakland A's
Fave Football team--Raiders
Number he chooses for any sports jersey--#19
Number of #19 tees he has--probably 20
Drives--a '69 El Camino or '94 Explorer
Enjoys--working in the garage, building things, fixing bikes
Hobbies--mountain biking, reading history-type books, playing with the kids
Dislikes--losing his keys, spending money, wasting time
Fave Meals--BBQ Tri-tip/chili beans/salad or pork chops/cream corn/rice

Thanks for being the best father to our kids, we all are so lucky!

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  1. Rebecca said...

    Jen this is so sweet!
    I love W. ode to his dad, how great was that!!

    Happy Father's Day all daddies!!

  2. Anonymous said...

    Great picture and hubby/dad contribution!

  3. Insane Mama said...

    Men being dads... nothing better

  4. Pam said...

    my husband's (who's not the father to any of my children and has one kid of his own) favorite team is also the a's...he also seems to have the same dislikes. lol

    i really like the tributes from your kids...this was a cute post all around :)

  5. Ranch Girl said...

    Definitely describes him! Hope you guys have a great day!

  6. Crazed Nitwit said...

    What a great idea! Your kids are gorgeous especially the 2yo with twinkly eyes.

    Hubby reads history books? Me too, maybe we should chat some day.

    Have a terrific day My Fried!!!

  7. Tenakim said...

    that's really sweet, Jen!

  8. Sheila said...

    Your Hubby seems great. Pass on a Happy Father's day to him!

  9. Christina said...

    Very sweet, both the photo and the kids' tributes to dear old dad!!

  10. Brittany said...

    This is such a great post!

  11. Not Just Any Jen said...

    Sounds like a neat guy! Fun that you decided to share about him. And I love your Boy's poem. So cute!

  12. Ann(ie) said...

    awwww! What a sweet post. Hope y'all had a fabulous day celebrating your sweet hubby. xo.

  13. Wendi said...

    What a great tribute to an obviously deserving father!
    Hope your Father's Day was wonderful!

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