...And Then There Were 6

Last night on the Bachelorette...

Cutting throats left and right. I kid. I can't imagine being in DeAnna's predicament, dating 25, then 15, then 9 guys at a time. TOUGH. But, here we are in week 4 and some serious weeding does need to happen. D is looking for the love of her life. She has admitted she wants to let those people go that are not a fit for her. She doesn't want to lead anyone on in the same way she was eventually burned, who can blame her?

The first 3 roses from last week went to Robert, Jason, and Fred, meaning they get dibs on the mansion this week. Yay, i'm hoping Jason was going to get in there especially after last week's confession about his son.

First line of business, the guys need to write and perform a song for D. They were all pretty cheesy, Fred was first. I can't get over how he sounds like the guy in Fargo....am I right or am I mistaking that accent? Jason raps, but in the end, Jesse wins D's heart by initiating 'physical contact' and holding her hand. He gets the one on one date with D. A non-Jesse-style suit arrives at the Outhouse and he and D go for a nice dinner alone and Natasha Bedingfield sings to them in person as they dance.

Now D doesn't hold back she states that he isn't what she's normally attracted to (DUH), but he's made an impression and I actually saw sparks fly for them.....?? !!

Next we have the group date with Brian, Twilley, Graham, Sean, Jeremy, and Jason. Meaning the last two, Robert and Fred will go on the 2-on-1 date with D, with only one of them coming out 'alive.'

The group date is at a race track. The winner with the fastest speed around the track gets a special champagne moment with D and Sean wins this time. So Sean mentions he and D share a blugrass/redneck bond and feels confident he made the right moves on the date. Later he's given the second rose of the show. Tell me, he cut his mullet didn't he, not too shabby.

All the while D and Graham's sexual tension hits a high and he doesn't want to share anymore DeAnna-goodness with his fellow 'friends.' Hmm..how's this going to go over??

BBQ gone bad. The boys at the Outhouse throw a shindig and everyone ignores D. Robert goes and pouts because someone called him Bobbie and D is pissed. She breaks down for being left alone while the guys act like girls and a little miss somebody is being ignored.

Fred and Robert face off on the 2-on-1 date vying for their place in her heart. She elinates Robert first, he cries in the limo. Fred thinks he's in like Flynn, only to find out she doesn't see a future with him in it. Ouch.

An improptu pool party leads to the rose ceremony......Bye Bye Brian, he just fell too flat.
The final six are...

Twilley--by some grace of God this guy from Dorkville is still around
Graham--she is completely attracted to him and the heat is always there, but can he commit or is he a loose cannon?
Jeremy--more heat here, he's intense in a spooky way though...
Sean--really redeemed himself this episode, but dude get rid of the gnarley suit!
Jesse--sparks, but are they bright enough?
Jason--he was there, emotionally and physically when she came back from the double-ditch, that scored major points!!

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  1. Ann(ie) said...

    Jason lives about 15 minutes from me. When he returns home to Kirkland I may have to stalk him. ;)

  2. Kate said...

    Totally agree!! WHAT UP WITH TWILLEY?? Geez, she cannot be serious. Hmm, yes Sean made big improvements...hallelujah he cut his hair. Robert, waaaay too 'greasy' for my liking...Brian who?...and Fred, sweet but just so-so. I am thinking Jason in the LEAD for sure...then Graham, boy gots to get himself in order and remember what show he's on for pity sake! Something strange about Jeremy. And Jesse has potential!!

    There ya go! A BOOK for you on a bright Wed a.m. :D You are the only one I know of who posts on this...thank you for encouraging my strange obsession. Hahaha!

  3. Tracey said...

    I love Jason...man if I wasn't married....oooohhh!

  4. Treasia Stepp said...

    I am really hoping she chooses Jason so far as what I have seen. Jeremy I like but let's face it, there is something strange about him as well. Almost stalker strange.

    Hubby thinks she's going to go for Jessie. I hope not but you do see sparks there now.

    Graham's just to cocky for me. Seems a bit obsessive controlling for my likes.

    I also ask myself week after week what she sees in Twilley? Might as well put his clown suit on.

  5. Kellan said...

    I saw this episode, but I've missed most of the others. I'm not sure which guy I'm favoring yet.

    I'm Kellan, btw - nice to meet you. Have a good day.

  6. Anonymous said...

    I LOVE JASON......
    I am like ya'll I don't understand why she still has Twilly there, Jeremy needs to go there is just something there that I don't like about him. Sean, he did step up to the plate this week but still not a fav.

  7. ** said...

    I haven't watched the show, so I have NO idea what you are talking about :)

    I'm just commenting because I ♥ you.

  8. The Mom Jen said...

    Aw Beck! Right back at ya babe!

  9. Mrs4444 said...

    I just watched it (DVR), but only with one ear/eye (since I'm on the computer. I need to PAY ATTENTION, because I keep mixing Jeremy and Jason up. Both Cute. Will have to check for weirdness next week. :)

  10. Amber said...

    So I just got to watch this weeks episode. I no crazy. That is what going out of town does to me. I am starting to feel a little like Jeremy is only there for the competition. I am stil going for Jason.

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