This Week at Dancers Anonymous

9:15a.m. Go to dance studio and await Limo.
9:55a.m. Get picked up in Limo with best-dance-friends to be taken to the local movie theater. It's student appreciation day and the studio instructor treats the girls

10:00a.m. Arrive at the movies. Parents wait patiently as 7-8 limoloads of girls arrive and walk the "red carpet" dressed to the nines.

*Sorry this is sideways, I don't know how to fix it!*

10:15a.m. Popcorn and soda is purchased and they enter Alvin and the Chipmunks.
11:30a.m. Pickup time...until later.
3:30p.m. Arrive at dance studio dressed for picture day.
3:45p.m. Wait in the heat-filled upstairs studio as the photographers are about 30 minutes behind schedule.
4:15p.m. Take first picture-ballet-then change into hip hop costume.
4:45p.m. Take HH picture-change into Jazz costume.
5:20p.m. Take Jazz photo.
5:40p.m. Take Tap production photo, luckily same outfit.
5:55p.m. Take Jazz Duo photo, change into Jazz comp. outfit.
6:10p.m. Take Jazz comp photo, change into Misfits costume.
6:30p.m. Take Misfits picture, change into studio sweatsuit.
7:25p.m. Take solo photo and comp team pic. OUTTA THERE.

8 a.m. Wake and dress for auditions
8:45 a.m. Arrive at studio, half-grumpy, wait for Hip Hop Auditions for next year's competition team
9-10a.m. Learn dance, perform, get judged.
10-11a.m. Audition for Juniorettes Tap and Jazz competition, learn dance, perform, get judged.
11 a.m. Come home and organize outfits for Dress Rehearsal tonight.
6 p.m. Leave for Dress Rehearsal
6:05 p.m. Arrive at auditorium and set up Kaboodle and Costume carrier, get dressed for first dance.
*approx.* 9:30p.m. Finish 6 dances of 39 studio performances.

5:30p.m. Arrive at auditorium for day 1 of Recital
7p.m. Recital begins, dress and undress 6 times and perform dances
*approx* 10pm. Final Bows

11:30a.m. Get to auditorium for day 2 of Recital
1p.m. Recital begins, dress and undress and perform 6 dances
*approx* 4p.m. Final Bows
*approx* 5p.m. End of the year pool party for competition teams, secret sisters revealed.

---1 week off before summer dance classes begin---

Gotta hand it to DQ, she's focused, determined, and dedicated to dancing. It's her world. She promised to be a good girl, keep her grades up, and not complain about her schedule. She has kept up her side of the bargain.

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  1. Stockpiling Mom said...

    I totally love your blog title! I just suggested to my babysitter that she blog instead of go to therapy and then I see your blog and just couldn't believe it! :-)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :-)

    Good luck on the giveaway.


  2. Merrie said...

    Aw, the recital! I remember that show! That was one crazy week, woman! I'm so glad DQ is loving it so much. I just can't believe how much work it is for YOU. You're a good mom!

  3. Marla said...

    I'm exhausted just reading this...
    love the new banner... love love love it!

  4. Tracey said...


  5. Ranch Girl said...

    Wow - and then there's our world - M had his last day of school today - out at 12:25 and now we're hanging out reading books ... our world is just a little different than yours. Makes me feel just a little bit lazy ...

  6. ** said...

    I love the new header thingy mabobamajig! I need a nap just reading that!

    You DO come up with the best blog titles btw.

  7. Rebecca said...

    Wow Jen that is a grueling schedule, you make me tired just reading it!!

    It is great DQ is so dedicated to her dance, once day I expect she will be world famous!! :)

    Love the new blog look, I guess I should summerize mine some time or other too! lol

  8. Anonymous said...

    love your ever changing blog! Can you create a new cute one for me?

  9. Wendi said...

    Seriously...that must be why they call you "THE MOM".

    I thought my days were exhausting.
    I need a nap after reading that post.

  10. LuckyMe said...

    I love your layouts, especially your "logo" and header designs. Any chance you'd blog about these? Where do you get your scrapbook supplies? I can't find any this nice. Good writing, too. Thanks!

  11. Tammy said...

    Sounds like you are one busy Momma! That's great that she enjoys dance so much..good for her! Love your new header too! Way cute!

  12. Tenakim said...

    She kept up her end of the bargain, good for her, but don't you deserve something for not complaining... just kidding- mine take piano and voice and,although I kind of feel bad when visitors sit through her stuff, I could watch it forever!

    Thanks for the summery layout- we have rain today ):

  13. Rochelle said...

    I am SO glad I don't have girls! You are a Super Mom keeping up with all that! Love the red carpet idea.

    And on the sideways video, I don't think you can fix it. You can't turn your camera to take video like you can to take pictures. At least thats what the manual says.

  14. Ali said...

    Okay, I promise not to complain about my son's t-ball schedule! What a busy week!

  15. Anonymous said...

    Country music? Does this mean you'd go to a country concert? Sounds like DQ had a special week. And I love the little pix of W with daddy.

  16. BookMamma said...

    That has made me extremely tired just reading it.

    Kudos to you for hanging in there and making it a time the girls will never forget!! I danced for 14 years and have tons of memories...

    Happy POW!

  17. Anonymous said...

    WOW!!! You were very busy! The whole limo ride and the movies what a fab idea and I know they had a blast. I enjoy reading your blog.

    have fun at recital can't wait to see pictures

  18. A Crafty Mom said...

    Wow - that's crazy!! What a schedule, but how much fun it must be! I love the new design - it looks fabulous!

  19. Tiffany said...

    I am SO loving this Go-Go's track right now. I love the Go-Go's.

    And, I love the "Cheaper than Therapy" t-shirt!

    I love living vicariously through posts about moms of daughters. I go to little league games. And, while they are a blast, but son refuses to wear a boa.

  20. Insane Mama said...

    My girls play soccer, so I don't do the dance thing... looks like they had a lot of fun and sounds like a busy day for you!

  21. Not Just Any Jen said...

    What a cute idea! How exciting for DQ. Allison and I watched this together, and she was a little green.

    I had to laugh at the sideways video shot. I have done that so many times with my camera. I always forget!

  22. McMommy said...

    OMG...KABOODLE!!! Do they still make/use those?? It's what the girls use to carry their makeup, right?

    I used to have a pink Kaboodle!! LOVED IT!

    Happy POW!

  23. Laural Out Loud said...

    I just pulled my daughter out of ballet because I didn't want to deal with all of the recital craziness. don't worry, she's only 3! If she wants to continue when she's older, I'm all for it. But, man, I was pulling too many hairs out of my head this time around.

  24. KatBouska said...

    Look at the little divas in training. What a cute idea!!

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