Ask The Mom, Part 2

*I am NOT a licensed therapist, doctor, or shaman, I just play one on my blog, often to avoid my own issues!

I have one 18 month old son. How do I keep him eating well? Right now he is getting three teeth and one molar in at the same time. He just wants yogurt and crackers. Okay, sometimes a bagel. How can I keep him eating well, any suggestions...even beyond teething time.
What about freezing some pureed veggies and fruits into ice cube tray sized portions and having him 'chew' on it to alleviate the pain and give him some nutrients. Bread some chicken, pork, or turkey cutlets and fry them up. The breading will get crunchy and may feel good on the gums. If you're really worried...Ensure is something that I know people have their kids drink (I personally haven't tried this).

Have you made any money on your blog?
12 cents when I had the google ads on. That's all.

Is it possible to survive on only 5 hours of sleep every day?
Yes, but it's not advised. If it's due to a baby, then I had to CIO with our 3rd because I NEEDED to sleep, and so did she. I'm not suggesting anyone let their kid scream...but if they are dry, not sick, and clearly wanting attention...let the baby cry for a little bit. Easier said than done, but that's why i'm NOT a professional.

I have a 2 1/2 year old boy that won't stop playing with his pee-pee. We have tried everything from distraction to naughty mat, to having him wear onesies. It has gotten better lately but only because I threaten to smack his hand if he does it in public. We have talked about how it is a private thing and he can only do it in his room, etc. He had surgery on his boy parts in Dec and later that month was when it really started. I think part of it is that it is a comforting thing for him, part is habit and part is that it feels good. Do you have any other suggestions?
I didn't have this issue with my son, but I know a few women that did. It seems that they ignored it when it was at home, done out of boredom, or because it felt good. But, if it happens in public (and in front of family or friends), they should be reminded that it isn't 'appropriate' or okay...whichever they understand best. Also, there might be a physical thing going on as a result of the surgery so one thing I'd do is mention it to his doctor.

What type of camera are you using?
I have a Canon Power Shot S5IS, and I love her.

What is your favorite Merlot and Pinot?
Merlot is a red, and reds are not my thing. I've tasted a few nice ones on wine tasting events, but not enough to have a fave. I'm assuming you mean 'red' Pinots as well...again I couldn't give you a favorite, sorry. I just tend to get headaches with reds, no fun!

What do you and hubby do on date night?
If there is a good movie out, we catch one. Most often we just go to dinner and chat without interruptions. Sometimes we clean house, and that's not code for anything but cleaning house. Sometimes we go to Costco or to Barnes & Noble. Yaya and Papa offer about once a week and it's for about 3 hours since it's usually a work night for them.

Do you listen to music while you blog/read blogs?
Yep, usually my playlist or Jango. Sometimes I listen to comedy on You Tube videos.

Are 3 kids easier than 2 like they say?
I'm not sure I understand the question. I've always heard that from one to two is the hardest transition and after that it's a cake walk. I don't want to say anything is easier or harder than something else because it's relative to perspective. When My Boy was a baby he was colicky. It made it hard to give a lot of attention to DQ at that time and I felt helpless. With K, now there are 3 people needing my attention at any given time and that's just as challenging. My older two love to play with and entertain K, so that frees me up a bit. And when DQ's at dance, MB is around for K, vice versa with Karate. I know that we always wanted to have more than one child so they would have eachother. Honestly NONE would be the easiest, but life would be so boring and unfulfilling to us for sure.

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  1. flickrlovr said...

    Loved Ask The Mom (hey! ATM! money?) again, it's fun to see your responses...I'd never heard of Jango before, it's cool! Learn somethin' new every day, eh?

    Hope your vay-cay's going great, and thanks for the scheduled posts! I've been coming by to see what's up, and it's fun to see new stuff up even when you're not around to post it ;)

  2. Texasholly said...

    I feel so superior with my $4.14 Google AdSense windfall...

    Ya, I cancelled 'em too.

    The 2 vs. 3 ease thing is a hard question. Sometimes it is easier sometimes it is incredibly harder...

  3. Wendi said...

    Good questions.
    Good answers.
    I may have to hire you as my therapist!

  4. Insane Mama said...

    Three kids throws you over the edge, after that it doesn't really make a difference, I could have 6 kids in this house and it wouldn't even phase me. Three kids is the kicker for sure

  5. Mrs4444 said...

    I agree with you on the 3-kids thing. When you have three (which I do not), you can't "divide and conquer" as easily, you have to wait longer in line for a table big enough at some restaurants, and so many things are sold in lots of four, not five. That said, I don't know anyone with three kids who says, "I wish we would have stopped at two." With the bad comes much good! :)

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