Wacky Wednesday

I finally used one of the two gift certificates I won from Kristen's contest a few weeks back. Don't ask why I took so long. Maybe waiting for a special occasion. And this weeks craving of brownies and chocolate were overwhelming me. This is what I bought.

Hmm...there was also a Brownie Batter Swirl. I may get that one with my other freebie coupon. I want to try them all!!!!

Check my playlist....see something you like? I added a ton of new music from your suggestions. I'm loving the new tunes you all have great taste, thanks for participating in my contest and for the music tips!


Remember that Insurance Crap I was dealing with a while back?? Well I got my bill for my next premium payment in the mail yesterday. The crap was NOT dealt with. It still claims I owe $600 from my last premium and I have 15 days before my insurance is cancelled.

Mother fu.........#%&^#$%!!! I checked and rechecked my banking statements online. There was a debit for that $600 and I assumed the banks have cleared things up. Another long-a$$ call to the company and Miss-I'm-Probably-18 years old-And-Doing-This-Job-For-College-Money gets on the line and has NO idea what i'm talking about. "Please connect me to a payment specialist/accountant/someone who has a friggen clue so I can resolve this!"

"Ma'am, I am able to help you through this."

3 holds later and she says, we have no record of getting payment. "This is OUR fault?" She asks.

OH.MY.GOD i'd strangle myself with the cord if I had a cord-ed phone.

Luckily T at my bank has it under control and is emailing/faxing/writing letters with all the proof I need for my side of the issue. The rest falls on their bank who's got my money but hasn't delivered it after a month?!

T at the bank said I shouldn't have been involved at all. Yeah, now that I have pulled my eyelashes out one-by-one.

Bless her heart, I sent her flowers today.

We just decide to go camping with my BIL/SIL/neice at the beginning of August.

Hubby and I used to camp at the same lake (Clearlake) while we were first dating in college. The older kids have been there once and K has a few local trips under her belt.

The weather is bound to be in the 100's easy and the mosquitos will be rampant. Bonus though, the water in the lake is always warm. That's great for all the kiddoes and even mom. Nevermind that warm lake water means ALGAE painting your skin and sleeping means in the dirt, it's all about good times and memories!

Crap, I need a new bathing suit!

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  1. ugagirl30 said...

    You gotta love incompetence. I thrive on others' inability to help, or even understand, a situation.

  2. Pam said...

    i would have picked the same ice cream! i don't each much of it, but that is a flavor i love.

    insurance companies are a pain! and all types of insurance companies. had my issues w both medical and car types. ugh.

  3. Alice said...

    You're pure evil smacking B&J's at the top of your post. Ya know - I try to get serious about dieting, but you don't help at all with your brownie and ice cream talk. *sigh*

  4. Aubrey said...

    Mmmm...chocolate. When I was preggos with my last baby, I ate a big chocolate, chocolate chip muffin (sometimes 2) a day!

    Sorry you are going thru all that crap again!! What a bunch of idiots over there!

    My parents take an annual trip to the SD Black Hills with the grandkids. My Hubby & I are tagging along this year along with my Sister & BIL. Not sure what we are getting ourselves in for. Camping & Mosquitoes much like you!

  5. Insane Mama said...

    Check out my Web page it's all camping, hiking, fishing etc...
    PS I need a new bathing suit also

  6. Anonymous said...


  7. Kat said...

    I will be right over with a spoon to help you with that ice cream!!

  8. Ranch Girl said...

    Wow - I'm impressed about your upcoming camping trip - sounds like a little beyond what you'd normally like to do! It sounds like it'll be fun, although not as fun as my Cabo trip ;-)

  9. Not Just Any Jen said...

    What a hassle with the insurance. I hope it truly does get ironed out.

    Have fun camping!

  10. The Buntens said...

    Yay, Beautiful Day - U2!!!

    Sorry about the insurance yuck. :(

  11. Debbie said...

    Camping? CAMPING? My idea of camping is driving by the campsite, taking a look at the campers, laughing in my Rico (from Hannah Montana) voice and driving on over to the nearest hotel. I've camped once. Never. Again.

    BTW, your comment made my daughter's day, and since we were online at the time you commented, she answered your question right away ;) Oh and I love love love the name you came up with for her regular feature. I think we just might be doing that.

    Now where's the brownie batter ice cream?

  12. Jill said...

    Oh camping.... my girls sure did love our last camping trip (insert sarcasm here).

    And shopping for a bathing suit? I'd rather take my girlies canoeing instead!

  13. Clare Anzoleaga said...

    If you need anyone to help kickin' a little a$$ lemme know.

    It's been one of those days!

    Great tunes, by the way..."It's 2 a.m."

  14. TUTU Monkey said...

    That ice cream would go perfect with some CAKE.....check me out when you get a minute:)

    Sorry for all the insurance crap....it is such a helpless feeling to get the run a round....good luck

    Have fun camping too.....I hope your bathingsuit shopping geos better than mine.......evreyone swims ALL the time here.....YIKES!!

  15. Ali said...

    You deserve that ice cream after all that insurance crap! We're going through something similar with hubby's med insurance--ARGH!

  16. Heather said...

    You know that I am all about the camping, sistah! You will have a blast!

    Sorry about the insurance crapola - seriously, I think the reason that healthcare gets so freaking expensive is because NO ONE knows what the hell they are doing and all the inefficiencies (and incompetencies) cost us. /rant

    So glad to be back. I missed ya!

  17. Clare said...

    Jen, that insurance stuff sucks...people are stupid! You are so brave to go camping, we will definitely be trying it when Bradley gets older...I did it as a kid, but it has been a while. Have fun! love, c

  18. Anonymous said...

    Yum!! I too just used my coupons this past weekend and they were put to good use...

    I can not believe the whole issue with your insurance co.

    Enjoy your camping trip.

  19. Kristen Andrews said...

    chocolate fudge brownie is our favorite! Cherry Garcia is good also.



  20. Anonymous said...

    Anonymous said:


  21. Unknown said...

    Whew..I think I need a nap after reading about the insurance...and thinking of camping...lol...

    As for the insurance...it's always better to get involved...I've been bitten in the butt too many times for NOT following through...

    As for camping...just think how incredibly good that first shower/bath is going to be once you get back home...that'll get you throught the dirt/alge/mositoes

  22. flickrlovr said...

    Ugh. Insurance mothereffers. I'm currently dealing with our lovely insurance company about my upcoming surgery, and I have 4 different codes for the 4 possible ways the surgery might be done...and I have to call 20 different billing offices AND Blue Cross AND the hospital (which has a crappy arrangement with BC). So confusing. And they always seem to act like they're doing YOU a favor! Who's the client, huh?!? I hope your little payment issue gets resolved super fast, and super easily.

    Yay for tents and dirt and algae lakes! I haven't been in a long while, but I'm going on a camping trip at the beginning of August too. Coincidentally.

    And good luck finding a new bathing suit. Those things can just kiss my azz. I haven't found a good one in...oh, wait, NEVER.

  23. Tenakim said...

    Chocolate fudge brownie is a good one and so is the brownie batter, but there is a brownie batter mixed with cookie dough that's really yum! Sorry about your insurance crap- I feel your pain- totally today -tears and all!

  24. Anonymous said...

    Warm lake water? Is that because you're wading around downstream from a loose bladder?

    Ew. Lake water just isn't my thing. Good luck though. Bring along some pretty labeled bottles and drink up. Those will help to distract you from the algae and if you partake enough you'll pass out, dirt or not! :)

  25. Messy Mommy said...

    Doesn't insurance suck? Why can't we just buy it when we need it? ;)

  26. Anonymous said...

    last line - need a new bathing suit - summed it all up.
    Good luck

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