Free For All Friday

There is just SO much in my head. Expressing it all would be called "word vomit" or the pleasant "verbal diarreah" expression my mom used to use.

K's progressing well with potty training at home. We're raising a partial nudist, but everyone has their calling right? What is more frightening is that she's climbing out of the crib daily. A few months back she did it and freaked us out by just showing up behind the door after we had put her in her crib. That was a fluke.

But now she's doing it daily for nap, and nightly at bedtime. To save her from any harm we're just allowing her to nap on the couch. Or not nap at all. The schedule is definately different, but with the PT'ing going on we just need to go with it, we can't strap her down in the crib, so we pick our battles.

Last night I found her roaming in the hall saying "nye nye couch." I steered her back in her room and put her back in the crib. I layed on the pull out bed/sofa in her room and she fell back asleep. A second time she roused, Hubby got to the room before the Houdini antics ensued. *yawn* Fun times.


I was tagged by Susan over at Fordy Days and Nights for the 6 Words Meme. I am supposed to define my life in six words and the tag 5 other lucky people.

1. Hubby
2. MyBoy
3. DQ
4. K
5. Love
6. Challenge

I'm going to tag....

Ranch Girl

...and anyone else who'd like to do it!


Heading camping Sunday for a few days. It'll be nice to hang out with Hubby's brothers and my two sisters in law. Our little 18 month old neice L will be there too, it should be a blast!

As before I have a few posts ready for my absence PLUS [this just in] TWO AMAZING GUEST POSTERS that you are going to LOVE, if you don't already! They will be here Monday and Wednesday please make sure you leave them tons of love!


Saw The Step Brothers.....oh my god I am significantly [more dumb?] dumber now that I watched that movie.


Rock for the final five on Last Comic Standing...Jim Tavare, Marcus, Jeff Dye, Iliza Schleszinger, and Louis Ramey!


Got my hair cut today, and colored. It's the A-Line bob type but not so dramatic and not so short in the back. Love it. Color is RED. Like dark red raspberry not fire truck. Maybe a picture on Sunday's Weekly Winners...if I can get a decent one.

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  1. Pam said...

    funny you should tag me for a meme...i just came over here to tag you for one. LOL just look for the post that says, 'tagged again'. i promise i will do this one. i was spose to do awhile back when i was tagged by another...i'll kill two birds w one stone LOL

  2. John Deere Mom said...

    Can't wait to see a pic of the new do. Have a great weekend!

  3. Laski said...

    I hear the partial nudist option is the way to go . . . so, for us, there will be no change when potty training time comes around.

    Eager to see the new do. . . thinking about the same cut!

    As for Last Comic--who do you think will win??? I'm gonna miss that show!

  4. Jenni said...

    Have fun camping and I can't wait to see your hair!

  5. Brittany said...

    We had to convert our convertible crib to the toddler daybed thing for our two year old, he kept climbing out.

    And I am DYING to see your new hair!

  6. Brittany said...

    Oh and thanks for the tag, you are awesome! I need to somehow gather the creativity to answer it, which is hard since it is so hot and I am lazy.

  7. Wendi said...

    Love all your random thoughts.
    So glad to hear that the PT is going well.

    Sorry you have a nudist and an escape artist on your hands.
    Love your life defining six words.

    Good luck on your camping trip.
    I am not outdoorsy.

    Can't wait for your pre-posted posts and guest poster! Good times!

    Love last comic standing.
    But then I love to laugh.
    And I can usually be found laughing when I read your blog.

    Can't wait to see photos of your "do".
    That reminds me...I need one too!

    Happy Weekend!

  8. Anonymous said...

    LOL on the future dd was the same...loves to strip and then run...sometimes outside down the block if I happened to be in the front yard talking to the neighbor...and she also climbed out of her crib...we had one that converted to a by 18 months, she was in a bed...ugh...the gray hairs I got for that one...

  9. Ali said...

    Have fun camping! We have yet to introduce camping to our boys. It just seems like the weather's never right. And, yes, we need pics of the new hair style!

  10. Rick said...

    A crib escaping, partially potty trained, nudist? She'll go far in life.

  11. This Mom said...

    Sounds like it is time to go to either a toddler bed or a big girl bed. good luck.

  12. Tenakim said...

    Can't wait to see the new 'do'!

    Have fun camping!

    I feel sooo dumb when I watch those movies, but love it!

    Looking forward to the guest post!

    how's that for a verbal diarreah comment!

  13. Anonymous said...

    I friggin' LOVE Last Comic. Marcus and Jeff are my favorites, but I like Iliza, too. <3

  14. Aubrey said...

    How funny! I just posted something similar over here about my nudist! I have had to re-undie him 3 times already. And once again, he's running around naked!

    Have fun camping!

    My youngest sister tried and tried to talk me into watching LCS this season. I kept forgetting to do it and now it's down to the 5!!

    Hope you post pix of the new do! Would love to see!

  15. Anonymous said...

    Have a great time camping and can't wait to see a pic of your new do! I know it looks great ;)

  16. Ann Harrison said...

    Got the tag! I'm on it!

    "nye nye couch."
    Does it get any cuter? Nope.

    And I intend to see a picture of the new 'do. I want to get a little red going on too!

  17. carrie said...

    You *have* to share your new haircut with the world! It's your blog obligation! :)

  18. Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

    Can't wait too see your new cut, I bet it looks good!!

    I also saw Step Brothers LOL I had some good laughs and I don't mind getting dumber as long as I get some good laughs.

    All I got to say is, Boat's N Hoes :)

  19. Lisa said...

    Looking forward to your hair picture. I'm sure you look bee-uuu-ti-ful!
    PS - Last Comic Standing - the guy who won last year - his cousin bought my old house. LESS than six degrees from Kevin Bacon with that one, huh?

  20. TentCamper said...

    you can't strap kids into cribs? SHIT!
    Camping rocks! Hence my name. we(just Insane Mama and I) are going for 5 days in a few weeks. ADULT CAMPING. I'm sure there wil be a post or two about that.
    PICTURES of the new cut please!

  21. mollybloom said...

    Have fun camping---I miss our camping trips! We're actually heading to my mom's this w/e----she's treating us to Great America, yahoo!

  22. jill jill bo bill said...

    RED?! You can be a sister, too!!! I know, settle down. Really, it's my privelege to ask you to be part of our family....
    Plus you know no dirt on me- You are in fo' sho'!

  23. Clare said...

    missed you jen. I have been away for most of the week! I can't believe k can climb out of the crib, I am dreading when bradley learns to do this! It will be bad. can't wait to see the hair cut! XO, Clare

  24. Lori said...

    We have tryed off and on for the last months to work on the potty training gig with our little people and so far it has not gone say the least. I am so sick of diapers that I am thinking that we are going to be taking a serious jump on the potty train in the very near future. When I trained my older kids it never seemed to be this hard and we did the partial nudity thing too.

    We are also going to be making the transition to a bed with our soon to be 2 year old because of the climbing thing.

    Looking forward to seeing a picture of the new hair. Have a great time getting away!

  25. Soge shirts said...

    lol step brothers was dumb but i laughed a bit so it wasn't too bad. I hope Louis Ramey wins.

  26. Anonymous said...

    Can't wait to see the new picture I like that type of cut alot. Also wanted to say that I love your new header (at least I hope it's new and I am not seeing things lol)

  27. Jill said...

    Hello Jen!!! I've been wanting to write all week... I hope all is well with you!

    Have a fantastic time on your camping trip. And please upload a photo of your hair. I have serious hair envy... I always want what other people have.

    Take care and can't wait to read up on you. :)

  28. Jenny said...

    Ooooooohhhh, girl! I want to see your hair!!!!
    Missed you, and now we will both be gone for a couple of days. I don't know if I'm as ambitious as you to schedule posts.

  29. flickrlovr said...

    Thanks for the tag! I needed something to do ;)

    I have so many random thoughts scrambling around in my brain, and was about to do my own version of a free for all myself. Too funny!

    Have a great time camping, and there better be a picture of your new do up when I come back lady. I'm sure it looks fabulous dahling.

  30. Anonymous said...

    LOVE the haircut; you look HOT! :) Does Hubby like it? Did you like the movie?? Kyle wants to go see it.

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