Saturday Fragments

Friday Fragments?

Mrs.4444's is hosting a Friday event each week where we can throw all our tidbits into one big mish-mosh blabber-jabber.

Finally she's put a name to what I refer to as My Ever Other Day Post. Thanks Mrs. 4's!

And, yes i'm aware it's Saturday!! It was Friday when I started this post!


My baby K wakes after the kids are gone to school (thanks Hubby for taking DQ and MB each morning). She walks around with her 'backpack' full of baby books, her bottle, a baggie of goldfish, and her Groovy Girl doll and says "me skoo too?"


So the news from the not-so-fun ultrasound is... a few babies...fibroids. Just millimeters in size...probably not causing my issues, but definately in there.

More waiting to step would be to do a laparoscopy to see if endometriosis could be the culprit, which is what is doc is leaning toward.


A woman I met years ago passed away this week. She was 44, had been in a nursing home for close to 15+ years, and had spina bifida.

I would visit with her when I'd visit my grandpa there, and she was sweet as can be.

I went to school with her sister and I was always curious about the situation of her family and why she was there. I guess things get tough and you don't have any other options, but a nursing home? Anyway. I hope she is no longer suffering.



We are now proud renters of a shiny-ish CLARINET! DQ is excited as can be!

D and K...if you're reading, watch out Cal Aggie Band-UH! ;)


And for good measure, in the comments, what 1 or 2 words come to mind when you hear the words.....

1. Pain Relief

2. Music

3. Reed

4. Envelope

5. Halo

6. Magic

7. September

8. Shadow

9. Vice

10. Haunting

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  1. Deb said...

    1. motrin
    2. love
    4. mail
    5. not me
    6.birthday party

    Going away today - I'll come visit when I'm back!

  2. Anonymous said...

    So sorry to hear about your friend. :o( She was so young.

    My baby does the same thing, always wanting to go to "cool" with her sister.

    Congrats on the clarinet! I hope DQ has lots of fun learning!

    1. Pain Relief - Tylenol

    2. Music - Jonas Brothers

    3. Reed - mouthpiece

    4. Envelope - my brother, Joe

    5. Halo - Angel

    6. Magic - top hat

    7. September - cooler weather!

    8. Shadow - Livie

    9. Vice - president

    10. Haunting - scary!

  3. Tasha said...

    Ava wants to go to school, too!

  4. Ranch Girl said...

    1. aaahhhh
    2. emotion
    3. music
    4. bill
    5. Luke
    6. Luke
    7. school
    8. Homeward Bound
    9. coffee
    10. memory of Luke (but not in a bad way)

  5. Tiffany said...

    I had endometriosis and had laperoscopy to laser it out. Now I have to take birth control daily to keep it from coming back. Obviously I don't need it to prevent pregnancy. LOL

    1. meds
    6.eight ball
    9.president shit

  6. Sue Wilkey said...

    How cute is K wanting to go to skoo. I miss that age ;)

    Sorry about your friend - AND the "leaning" towards endometriosis. That sucks.

    I love your "countdown" widget so much I added one counting down til Joe Jonas turns 21. :P

  7. JenEverAfter said...

    Poor Baby K! I feel so bad for her. You're totally bringin' me down, man!

  8. flickrlovr said...

    Hmmm, I just may have to join in on Mrs. 4444's Friday thang. I already do ramble on Fridays ;)

    So sorry about your friend. But glad that she's now pain-free and enjoying heaven instead.

    One of my best friends is in the exact same position-possibly endometriosis, needing laparoscopy, etc. so I feel for you both. I'm hoping that my right ovary stays cool and I don't lose that one too. But I'm glad the tumor is gone and I'm ok for the moment.

    1. Pain Relief-Norco

    2. Music-vital

    3. Reed-clarinet

    4. Envelope-lick

    5. Halo-XBOX

    6. Magic-trick

    7. September-my birthday

    8. Shadow-scary

    9. Vice-president (Joe Biden and Obama! WOOT!)

    10. Haunting-ghost

  9. Heather said...

    1. Pain Relief - drugs

    2. Music - Dancing with abandon

    3. Reed - Clarinet (my instrument!)

    4. Envelope - Bills

    5. Halo - Migraine (was just reading about headaches...sorry!)

    6. Magic - Wizard

    7. September - Fall

    8. Shadow - Batman (thanks to my son)

    9. Vice - Illicit Blog-reading

    10. Haunting - ghosts

    Sorry to hear about your pains, and the loss of your sweet friend. (hugs)

  10. Tenakim said...

    sorry about your almost diagnosis- that sucks- hope they can take care of the discomfort though.

    Ans sorry about your freind- that's ashame so young, but like you said- the suffering is over.

  11. Insane Mama said...

    I hope the endometriosis is not too serious.

    John Denver

  12. Lindsay said...

    1. Pain Relief - Tylenol

    2. Music - my husband

    3. Reed - wood

    4. Envelope - tastes bad

    5. Halo - xbox

    6. Magic - fake

    7. September - to close

    8. Shadow - Sammy

    9. Vice - versa

    10. Haunting - movie

    Sorry to hear about your friend.. and keeping fingers crossed about endometriosis.

  13. Mel said...

    Very sorry to hear about the loss of your friends. May peace be with you and her family!

    1. Drugs
    2. Cell Phone Ringer
    3. Swamp
    4. SlowMail
    5. Angel
    6. Copperfield
    7. School
    8. Groundhog
    9. Smoking
    10. Nightmares

    I always like thinking about your word associations.
    BTW - I gave you award over at my place!!

  14. Aubrey said...

    1. Epidural
    2. A Must
    3. Cracked
    4. Stamp
    5. Son
    6. Erasers
    7. Autumn
    8. 5 O'clock
    9. Starbucks Chai
    10. Halloween

  15. Not Just Any Jen said...

    1 vicodin
    2. Jack's Big _______ Show (sad. very sad.)
    3.David Reed-I pored a milkshake over his head in the cafeteria in 8th grade after I caught him cheating on my by using three way calling.
    4. Red Envelope
    5. video game
    6. Magic Kingdom
    7. September 24th-Mom's B-day
    8. blue eye shadow
    9. Miami Vice
    10. Haunted House at Disney


  16. Rebecca - I'm a Canon girl! said...

    1. Pain Relief - Tylenol

    2. Music - radio

    3. Reed - boys name

    4. Envelope - letter

    5. Halo - angel

    6. Magic -abra kadabra

    7. September - cooler

    8. Shadow - sunny

    9. Vice - habit

    10. Haunting - ghost

    Bummer about the fibroids, I had them before and it was an easy removal thankfully, hopefully the same for you.

    Yay for the clarinet, have fun DQ! :)

  17. Anonymous said...

    Back from our camping trip (check out the slideshow I made!!) So glad you played along!! :)

    I'm taking an herbal called Chaste Berry Extract for my "mild endometriosis." It's helped a lot. Keep it in mind if your problem turns out to be minor. Most doctors I mention it to have never heard of it (why don't they look into herbals more??)

    Awww...what a little cutie! And clarinet, huh? (might want to invest in some earplugs, just to muffle things a little :)

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