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Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to introduce the beautiful McMommy of The McMommy Chronicles , filling in for me today. When you get a chance check out her fantastic blog and leave her some comment love!

It suddenly hit me Thursday afternoon:

OMG. Tomorrow is Matty’s last day of camp.

I probably should get his teachers something….a “thank you for keeping my son occupied and out of my hair for 3 hours a day the past 8 weeks”, if you will.

I bet that’s what all the good moms do.

Hmm…I want to be a good mom.

Ok, I’ll do it.

Only I have no idea what you are supposed to get the teachers as a “thank you for keeping my son occupied and out of my hair for 3 hours a day for the past 8 weeks.” Without braking my budget.

So I call who I always call for the answers to all my problems: my mom.
She suggests a nice assortment of cookies from a delish little bakery in the neighborhood.

Here’s how the desperate call went to the bakery five minutes later:

Bakery lady: “Good afternoon, The Bakery.”

McMommy: “OhThankTheGoodLordYouAreStillOpen!! Yes, hello…I’d like to order some cookies.”

Bakery lady: “Um. Ok. We have LOTS of cookies. What kind would you like?”

McMommy: “The pretty ones.”

Bakery lady: “Well, all our cookies are pretty…..”

McMommy: “Great! Then I’ll take all of them.”

Bakery Lady (who I’m sure was smirking at this point): “Well, okkkk. How about this…how many pounds would you like?”

McMommy: “What? I have no flippin’ clue! Are cookies heavy? Cause if they are heavy, I don’t need a lot of pounds. Hmm…how about the equivalent of several bags of Chips Ahoy?”

Bakery lady: “Well that’s an interesting weight equivalent. Our cookies are much better than Chips Ahoy.”

McMommy: “Good. Because I’m almost positive all the good moms don’t bring the teachers bags of Chip Ahoys on the last day of school. “

Bakery lady: “What are you talking about?”

McMommy: “Nothing. Ok, so can you make it look pretty? Maybe package it up real nice?”

Bakery lady: “Of course.”

McMommy: “Ok! See you tomorrow morning!”

Hmmm….I forgot to ask how much the equivalent of “several bags of Chips Ahoy cookies but not really” would cost.

Oh well.

It can’t be THAT much.

Fast forward to 8:30am. Picking up the cookies.


GINORMOUS (That word was for you, HappyHourSue).

Cellophane shooting up towards the heavens.

Cascading rainbows of bows.

50 lbs (at least that’s how heavy it felt) of NOT Chips Ahoy cookies.

On a gold tray.

$50.00 dollars worth.


(Please, please, please God do NOT let McDaddy be reading this right now…)

Oh well. There was nothing I could do at that point except pay and pray that I get the credit card statement first.

(Although just between us….I may or may not have been secretly SUPER excited about how pretty it was.)

Remember Ralphie from the movie A Christmas Story? Remember when all the other kids bring the teacher an apple, and he walks in with a 5ft fruit basket and you can’t even seen his face because it’s so huge? Remember how proud he was?

Um yeah. I TOTALLY had the exact same look on my face when I handed it to the teachers.

Now if you’ll please excuse me….I must return to my perch at the mailbox.

Operation “Get the AMEX Statement Before McDaddy Sees $50 worth of Not Chips Ahoy Cookies” has begun.

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  1. Anonymous said...

    help me.

  2. Pam said...

    lmao i think i'm the 'bad mom'. i don't by my kids' teachers SQUAT for the end of the school year LOL

  3. Anonymous said...

    Well I think you earned enough Good Mommy Points for the rest of the year!!!

  4. 4funboys said...

    now you'll have the teacher's fighting over who gets to be your kid's teacher...

    trust ME--- we're like that.

    I'll be first in line, I want gifts like that... I mean, "I love students like your son"

  5. Anonymous said...

    LOL...I feel the same way every year....great story, I bet they LOVED the cookies.

  6. Tenakim said...

    That's really funny.. I was on the edge of my seat anticipating a diabetic teacher or something.

  7. Lori said...

    Now see, you are a good mom! Sounds like something that would happen to me...I am sure the teachers thought it was great!

  8. mom2natnkatncj said...

    Sounds like it was way more cookies than several bags of chips ahoy ;). I bet it impressed though. I know my kids teachers are always happy with the homemade treats I bring them ;). But man, I really gotta get myself into the cookie business. $50 for a ginormous tray of cookies aint too bad. I could do that. I've impressed with my baking at Christmas time and my 20 different kinds of cookies. I think I've given them away too freely though and now everyone I know won't actually buy them from me because they know I'll just give them to them.

    Oh well, so McMommy you must have the record for guest posts ;). You're everywhere!

  9. Sue Wilkey said...

    That's hilarious. Look at it this way: it's an investment in your child's future camping experience: They will totally give him the best popsicle sticks next year at craft time.

  10. Buttons and Dots Photography said...

    YUMMY! I want some cookies too. My husband would have a cow if I did that. But knowing me, I would have bought the tray, several different types of cookies, some ribbon and colored plastic wrap to make my own in an attempt to save money. But it would have wound up costing more!

  11. Jenni said...

    Wow! What a nice gift! I bet the teacher spent the day sharing them with her envious teacher friends who didn't anything nearly as nice!

    I hope she send you a nice thank you card!

  12. 3boys247 said...

    That is a great story! I love that bakery. We don't have many bakeries here, but we do have that one. The one with the pretty cookies, sold by the pound, from the glass case.

    I think we need a trip to the bakery today!

    I think the teachers are now all working on your nomination for mother of the year. Of couse they have to brush cookies crumbs off the paperwork....

  13. Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

    This is hilarious!

    That is so funny!

    Hope you get to the mailbox first!

    Glad you filled in for The Mom today so we can all read your post!

  14. Anonymous said...

    Um, hello, McMommy?!! Didn't you read my post on teacher presents? Remember the best gift is a hand written note or if your kid is too small have him draw a picture or something of his favorite thing he did at camp. This is what the good moms do and it is GREAT for your budget!! However food (and anything chocolate) is always a good thing so I'm sure this was much appreciated.

  15. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

    Okay, that's pretty funny!

    And, I've never received a gift (unless you count a Chick-fil-a- milkshake). That would have been awesome.

    Can you send your son to my high school? I will put up with him for several hours...and cookies will do just fine.

  16. Tami said...

    ROFL - Love it!

  17. scargosun said...

    Mine is usually operation 'Get Lottery Yarn Statement' before P sees it.

  18. Insane Mama said...

    ahhh, $50 on cookies. STAY PUT ON THE MAILBOX!

  19. Anonymous said...

    How funny! lol If hubby sees the statement first, just tell him it's a surprise and he'll just have to wait for it!

  20. Mama Les said...

    You can never spend TOO much on cookies!!!!! xo

  21. Leslie said...

    rofl, I bet they were all just yummy. I can't imagine spending that much on cookies and not eating them myself! I might have had to re-package them so I could eat some. lol!

  22. Patrice said...

    This is priceless! (Well unless you count the $50 you had to spend in order to tell the story, but still)! I love it. The conversation between you and the baker woman was hilarious! I was dieing laughing! And you claim you're not funny...

  23. Laural Out Loud said...

    So, did you beat the other moms?

    You ignited the cookie monster in me. Guess where I'm headed on my lunch break- the bakery! They can keep the ribbons, just hand over the pretty cookies!

  24. Jo-Jo said...

    Haven't we all been there? Waiting un-patiently by the mailbox so our hubby's don't find out our little secret good deed! My kids aren't in school yet (and I let the ex-wife take care of my step-son's stuff) but I am so glad you set the bar for me!

  25. Anonymous said...

    Too funny - I'd say you earned good mommy of the year and I hope the teacher LOVES cookies!!!

  26. Kristen said...

    Oh that was good! You are just too funny, and glad to hear that it was beautiful, even if it was expensive.

    When are you going to get TRS to make you a guest poster badge. I'm thinking you totally need one of those. :)

  27. Anonymous said...

    Riot, I tell you!

    Teachers birthdays (that I forget) YES!

    Overpriced coolness!!!! And that's when I do some of my best work!

    Good job! I'll have to try cookies next time!

  28. Matt Pfingsten said...

    Awesome! Don't forget do do the little Ralphie finger point/wink thing over your shoulder after you drop them off!

  29. MommyTime said...

    You do realize, don't you, that teachers talk to each other, and that you will be the most popular mom ever for all of his future endeavors UNTIL you bring $20 worth of cookies to the next teacher and she's all "what, I'm not good enough for you, lady?!" and you're all "no, I mean, of course you are, I mean, that camp thing was a total mistake..." and the teacher behind her that you didn't see, the one who was Matty's camp teacher's best friend is all "what do you mean mistake? My best friend camp teacher didn't ADORE your snotty kid and do all kinds of nice things for him all summer?" (not that I think Matty is snotty, you understand, just that that's what she'll say), and you'll be all... *slinks away quietly and returns at pickup time with $30 worth MORE of cookies*.

    So what I'm saying is: McDaddy's gonna' find out. Sooner or later. Because you might find yourself guilted into this every year. Unless you learn how to tie ginormous celophane bows and bake cookies yourself. *sigh* Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

    I love your story, though, if that's any consolation. :)

  30. gina said...

    For future reference- little Yankee candle votives in glass votive holders are my standard go to "thanks for " gifts. OPr YC Gel Car fresheners. $4 and under per person in the scent of the season- I've yet to meet a person who doesn't love Yankee Candle!

    It's the other things on my cc bills that I hide from my hubby. Like a $125 blog redesign. Twice in six months. ;)

  31. flickrlovr said...

    Whoa McMommy. That's a lot of freakin' yummy McCookies for the McTeachers. But hey, they're gonna McLove 'em ;)

  32. Unknown said...

    Wish I was one of those teachers. I would look like Ralphy too!

  33. Andrea Baker said...

    I was so hoping to see a photo of the cookies....

    I always forget till the last minute. i must remember to put it in my calendar to get teacher gifts early this year.

  34. Anissa Mayhew said...

    That's the moment when you hit up 5 other parents and say, "Thanks for offering to chip in on the Cookie Gift. $10 should cover your portion!"

    Then stick out your hand. If they're anything like me they'll spend the rest of the day trying to remember if/when they agreed to pitch in, but too afraid of their memory loss to call you on it.

  35. Clare said...

    such a cute story mcmommy! love it!

  36. Joy said...

    You'll be the most FAVORITE parent in the school!!!!!!!!!!

  37. BookMamma said...

    So YOU'RE the one who has made us all look like big slackers!!

    Seriously... you probably made those camp instructors WEEK/MONTH! I'm sure they never get told how much they are appreciated, and were so happy to see you coming.

    I'm inspired to send some goodies to daycare this week. Um... the Duncan Hines cupcake kind though! I gots a trip to DSW to answer for earlier this week... (BookMamma says from her own mailbox perch)

  38. BookMamma said...

    So YOU'RE the one who makes the rest of us look like slackers!!

    Seriously, you made those teacher's WEEK/MONTH! They probably never get told how much they are appreciated - yay McMommy!

    I'm inspired to bring goodies to daycare now. But the Duncan HInes kind... I gots my own trip to DSW to answer for! (BookMamma syas while perching from the mailbox)

  39. Anonymous said...

    Everyone left their comment from a mother's perspective which I also have but I have been the camp teacher for many more years. I am trying to hold back laughter as my household sleeps. I am trying to picture what I would do if a parent actually considered bringing me a gift AND it was a gift such as your's.
    I have gotten everything from a gift card to the ugliest christmas ornament ever purchased yet I still feel unfulfilled because $50 worth of cookies have not ever come my way. :-)

  40. Wendi said...

    Love your guest poster!
    As always...hilarious!
    McMommy will be "THE MOM" at school.
    Everyone will want to teach Matty!

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