What Time Is It?

Ask The Mom time!

*cue a funky rendition of HSM's song but add in "It's Ask The Mom Time...it's med-i-ca-tion!"*

OH, and NO phone call today from the lunch ladies!! (I scared them!)

You all have the floor again. Ask away.

Need to talk? Confess? Questions about life, kids, love, insects, blogging, things in my freezer, photography, advice on marriage, music, tweenagers, potty training, entertaiment, your Mother In Law? Shoot.

I've got time. Oh how much time I have.

As always, my disclaimer is that I am NOT a professional anything, just like to push my own stuff to the side and help my fellow man. Or woman. Sometimes I don't help at all.

Email me at themomjen@gmail.com or feel free to use the comment section. See how flexible I can be?

Check HERE for past Q&A.

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  1. Bee said...

    Do you design your own templates?

    If so, what is your favorite design program?

    lastly, what do you use for inspiration?

  2. Jamey said...

    Who are you going to vote for President in November?

  3. Tiffany said...

    In your photos, how do you make the picture black and white and then one object in color? Say a flower in color for example.

  4. Pam said...

    o.k. here's one..if dq has an issue w girlfriends at school i.e. popular kid issues, best friend issues how would you tell her to handle it?

    for me, it's kind of difficult. i try my best. my daughter is self conscious, at times too emotional, and she has even admitted that she wants people to like her. my theory on that whole thing is that people should like you for who you are and shouldn't have to do things that you wouldn't normally do to make them like you. then there's the whole issue of 'no one likes me'. she's a bit aggressive and can be bossy in ways that are good...she's a leader, but sometimes i think it's too much, do you know what i mean? she's going to be 12 in feb so i know the issues will get worse as she hits the teen yrs...but i want to see other opinions because maybe there's something else that i can try.

  5. Jenni said...

    Why don't I buy fresh flowers more often, Jen? They are so pretty and I enjoy them so much. Is it because I am waiting for my husband to buy them for me? Are they only any good if they are from him?

  6. Britt said...

    So glad you can send small change with your kiddo! :o)Though a you vrs. Lunch Lady would have been great to read about ;o)

    and a big lol to your comments .. I got rid of both of them. Totally something I would do. :o)

  7. Insane Mama said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  8. Tena said...

    Is it normal that my second year old is already checking out the outfit I am wearing to his school function to make sure I don't embarass him? Shouldn't I have at least one more year before this happened?

  9. Insane Mama said...

    I just deleted my question because I ended up doing a whole post about it. So My new question:

    What is your favorite song?

    Doo your parents read your blog?

    How can I nicely tell my daughter that she really really NEEDS deodorant, she is 9

  10. Jo-Jo said...

    Its like a Godsend that you choose to do your Ask the Mom now! I have a question that has been weighing on my mind. Let me give you a bit of a back story...

    At MOPS, the childcare providers always tell me(with that wide eyed look that makes me think they are thinking more then they are telling me) that Riley is rambuncous (is that spelled right?) and hard to reign in.

    What do I do, to help him? I have been really upset about this and can't put into words how I feel. I guess I just don't want him feeling left out or be the trouble maker. HELP!

  11. Allison said...

    Why is it that babies are just big teases? One day I take one step forward and then the next day I take 2 ginormous steps back!

    It has been one of those days LOL!

  12. Anonymous said...

    Do you like cake?

  13. Khadra said...

    what time is too early for a mom to start drinking?

    I think Im losing my mind.

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