Weekly Winners

*Photos Taken with a Canon Powershot S5IS--Click to Enlarge*

My Boy's field trip to the pumpkin patch/corn maze. Hubby shot these first 3.
Kids Being Kids


Hopefully not some goofy nerd-gang signs

Sac Zoo--I got a little dirty

The tallest kid on the block
I wouldn't mess with this guy
Cutest There's like a zillion books in there
Memorial Union
Watch out for the bike circles
Dude, I need to study
That tree corks daddy's wine

For more winners, check out Lotus.

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  1. Anonymous said...

    Dad did a good job on those first ones!! All of them are fabulous, though... I love the whatever it is he is with the one broken horn. :)

  2. Wendi said...

    As always...impressive photography.
    You have such a great eye!!!

  3. Clare said...

    great photos jen, love the goofy faces in the pumpkin patch:)

  4. Tonya Staab said...

    Love the need to study one. Hilarious.

    Mmm, I'll have to put the Sac zoo on my list of places to visit when I move up yonder next year.

  5. McMommy said...

    Yay for The Dad for jumping in to take some Weekly Winners!!! Very impressive!

  6. Texasholly said...

    I love the head in the book statue! Great pics!

  7. Jamey said...

    awww I miss the sac zoo, we used to be members when we lived close and went almost every week, we miss being close to a zoo!

  8. Jo-Jo said...

    I always love looking at your pictures!

  9. Heather said...

    Ha, your first song by Mr. Big...a friend and I wore out our "tape" in high school playing that darn song too many times! Your kids a great...I love the funny face shot!

  10. jill jill bo bill said...

    GRET job! And my grandmother DID get lost in a corn field. Its one of my favorite memories! (We did find her finally)

  11. Chris said...

    Your blog is great. You have a great looking family and it looks like you all know how to enjoy yourselves.

  12. Jay @halftime lessons said...

    Man these are great...nice work Momma!!
    Ps- starting a new tradition today...a Pessimistic Monday Prize...come see!

  13. Brittany said...

    I love pumpkin pictures!!!

  14. Not Just Any Jen said...

    Love these pictures! Great job!

  15. flickrlovr said...

    You were a travelin' fool this week! Then again, so was I-up in San Rafael/San Fran area from last Thursday-Sunday for a conference. It's fun to get out and see new places-the Zoo looked like a blast! Great shots, as always, and yay for Hubby for getting in on the snap action!

    Pardon my ignorance, I may find the answer in previous posts since I've been a terrible blog reader lately, but did Hubs go to college up in Sac? What was the visit all about?

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