Monday's Mouth-full

Fragments on's been a long Turkey Day holiday!

Last plea for your vote! we're entrant #6, the CUTEST one that fits the theme! ;) Voting ends tomorrow, tell a friend or 25!


Thanks for enduring all the Vegas posts. It was a fab time.


Winners of the Baby Blues anthologies are:

Average Girl in an Average World

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They just ruin a good holiday season don't they?

December is a month where you wish Christmas was in August. Nothing really happens in that month, why not re-schedule?

Coming home from Christmas shopping, arms loaded with bags of joy.

Then the mailman drives up.

Bill. Bill. Bill.

If the mailman's name was also Bill, I would know for sure the world is out to get me.

Health insurance. Property Taxes. Mortgage.

I think they need to change the saying to the only sure things in life are death and a damned ridiculous insurance premium, AND taxes.

Kinda takes the wind out of your sails.


Having a Tastefully Simple party tonight with my friend Jamey. The parties are so fun and are all about eating DELICIOUS food!! Simple and easy stuff too!!


Hugh Jackman, the sexiest man alive?! Really?!


The kids had their first real Wii encounter on Thanksgiving.

They're hooked.

So is Hubby.

I've never seen a grown man get so competitive over a video game.

Nor have I wanted to see one!

My Boy--DAAAAAD! Please go easy on me, i'm only 7!!
Hubby--STRIIIIIIIIIKE 3, sit down you're out!


Check out a cute pic of my K and cousin B.

38 supporters in group:

  1. Suzanne...Scully... said...

    I posted a link to K's Contest on my other blog, so she should get some more votes, good luck!

  2. Mandy said...

    I love Tastefully Simple! I get my pantry stocked. Have fun!

  3. jill jill bo bill said...

    Okay chickie, I voted! Darlin' little mess you have there! She knows how to attack chocolate like a pro!!!!!

  4. kel said...

    so funny... we have a Wii and it gets crazy competitive here! We love to have friends over and play.. bowling is fun! I like the wii, it gets kids moving and off the couch!

    oh and I agree, the bills totally ruin christmas!

  5. Rachel said...

    I am so so excited!!! This is going to make the perfect Christmas gift for my Dad! Yippeeeee!

    We love our Wii, it is addictive and fun and even our 5 year old can kick our tails at bowling!! ;-)

  6. Julie said...

    HB and I LOVE our Wii! I also have the Wii Fit and have waxed rhapsodic on it on my blog....

  7. Annie said...

    My girls love the Wii! Pretty much bowling, boxing, & baseball. We don't have many games.

    I loved the Vegas posts! Helped me pump up!


  8. Jamey said...

    LoL that is hilarious about the WII! I am the same way, I have no mercy on my kids! see you tonight!

  9. Ali said...

    Yeah, I don't get the Hugh Jackman love either:) But I'm sure people don't get my Tom Berenger obsession either! I don't even want to talk about bills this month!

  10. Anonymous said...

    i keep campaigning for a suspension of all bills for the month of december. they can pick back up in january. no harm, no foul.

  11. Merrie said...

    Woohoo! Do you need my address? I think you already have it. :)

    We're considering the Wii for Christmas since we have about half the money in our "wii jar." Still deciding, but it's fun, isn't it?

  12. Heather of the EO said...

    I'm all stressed out over here and you just made me laugh and smile and then laugh again.

    This IS cheaper than therapy.

    Thanks, lady.

  13. Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

    Seriously, bills in December should be outlawed. We just found out that our health insurance provider is uping out monthly premiums by almost 30%, UGH!

  14. carrie said...

    Yes, bills and catalogs - if I could rid my mailbox of both those items, I'd be a happy camper!

  15. Anonymous said...

    Great post! Totally agree with the bills thing.... never ending hey??? God forbid you EVER get behind - been there done that soooo not fun!!! Love the Wii bit - too funny!!!

  16. Brittany said...

    Oh man, i am still drooling of the tastefully simple. I should see what I need so I can order for your party and you get more credit...or however that works.

  17. Tenakim said...

    just caught up- loved all the pics! I feel the same way about the bills- but I'm in denial until after Christmas!

  18. Clare said...

    i love the wii, and the bills totally stress me out. especially with two birthdays and christmas in one month!

    happy thanksgiving jen!

  19. Tony@ That One Paticular Harbor said...

    The WII rocks. My kids kick our tail all the time in bowling and more.

  20. goodbye said...

    voted for your cutie! I hope you win! I left you 2 awards on my blog.

  21. Kristen Andrews said...

    hubby bought a Wii w/ out consulting me (damn him) I didn't want one due to the $$ but now I am addicted and really don't have time for that. FAv game boxing

  22. Jenni said...

    I voted! I hope you win!!!

  23. Unknown said...

    I voted, but some other chic's got you beat pretty good. I'll see if I can't hook you up with some more votes! :) Your picture's cuter!

    I love Tastefully Simple. My friend, Kristie sells it! Try the Merlot sauce.

  24. Deb said...

    Amazing how a video game can bring out the super competitive spirit in husbands!!

  25. Linda S said...

    love tastefully simple...hugh? meh...and voted...

  26. Liz said...

    First off...YAHOO!!! I won, I won! I'm so tickled!!! Thank you!

    Oh yeah...bills suck year-round. Have you seen the mountain of debt I live underneath? If you look east I'm sure you can see it from there. LOL

    I bet you're having fun w/ Jamey tonight. She's a doll.

    Sooo with ya on the Hugh Jackman thing. I got my People last week & went "huh?". He's ok, but puh-leeze...not the sexiest man alive by far!

    I want a wii! If you get tired of yours, send it my way. My hubby doesn't want to buy one. (scrooge!)

    Cute picture!!

  27. Erica said...

    I already voted for your little darling! And if you figure out how to make the bills go away in December please share!!

  28. Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

    Cracking me up..

  29. Tyne said...

    Very cute pic of K... Yes, I hear you on the bills- putting a damper on my Christmas shopping, too. Really, your photo is the cutest in the contest. I voted for it, for sure, but probably would have even if you weren't my bloggy therapist.

  30. Dennis and Leslie said...

    We love Wii!!! It's addictive!

  31. artfuldelight said...

    I voted! Hope you have a good week. :-)

  32. Unknown said...

    The bills make you want to take everything back to the store don't they!? lol and yes i see my wife get competitive on her stupid xbox live... hence the reason i stay glued to my computer most days! lol

  33. Amanda said...

    How cool! This is the first time I've won something on a blog! Thanks!

  34. Jo-Jo said...

    I miss a day of blogging and I miss a lot! YEAH! Do you still have my mailing info?

  35. LazyCrazyMama said...

    LOL!! The Wii stuff is hilarious! My kids were hooked when they played guitar hero at my sister's house. Begging for one ever since.
    I voted for you! :) You do have the cutest, most fitting picture!

  36. Amy W said...

    I'm a Guitar Hero on my Wii. We love making little Mii's for everyone who comes over, too. So much fun.

    Thanks for the Baby Blues!!!

  37. flickrlovr said...

    Sorry K didn't officially win, but I think she should've ;)
    The Wii's pretty cool, isn't it? But a tad expensive. Gah!

    Congrats to all the Baby Blues winners!

  38. Mrs4444 said...

    Love the Wii play-by-play. Very funny.

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