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Have you ever lost your child?

You know, have you been in a store and suddenly your little one isn't next to you?

Have you been in a crowded place and for a few seconds you see your baby?

Have you ever ran up and down the aisles of a grocery store screaming your child's name?

I know it's happened to me before. You turn your head for a second and they are gone.

They could be hiding in between a clothes rack, or went to the next aisle in Target where the toy are.

But you find them. You find them and hug them and tell them not to run off again. You grab their hands and hold on for dear life.

Now let me ask you this. Has someone else ever lost your child? How well do you know the people that watch your kids?

Do you think they use the same discretion that you do? Would you leave your kid in a car while you run into a store? Would the babysitter? You would think not but how do you know?

Do you know who the babysitter is dating? Do you know who they would have around your kid?

I've noticed lately that there has been an increase in Amber Alerts. I don't know what is going on but it seems like some parents have lost their damn minds.

Case 1=5 yr old Neviaeh Amyah Buchanan from Michigan remains were found. She was apparently abducted while playing in front of her apartment complex at about 8:15 PM playing with her scooter.

Case 2=5 yr old Haleigh Ann Marie Cummings from Florida who supposedly disappeared from her home in the middle of the night. She was left in the care of her fathers 17 year old girlfriend and she said around 3am she discovered the girl was not in her bed.

Case 3=Alexander Suddeath and Heidi Suddeath 6 and 4 from North Carolina. Parents lost sight of the children while returning to a public parking lot a mountain yesterday.

Case 4=2yr old Jada Justice supposedly disappeared from a gas station in Indiana when her babysitter (18yr old cousin) and her boyfriend drove the child to a gas station around 9:30pm and LEFT HER IN THE CAR while they ran in to get cigarettes. Left.Her.In.The.Car.

It just really saddens me and it makes me think, I mean really think about who I let take care of my kids and what they would do in certain situations.

I really would like your opinions on this topic.

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  1. Courtney said...

    I appreciate another mom who can admit that we have all had that moment of "OMG where did my child go"! It is a panic stricken few seconds, mins, or longer for some.

    I am blessed to only leave my kids with a few select family members but still wonder as do you if they have the same discretion that i have when handling my children.

    Great post thanks for sharing!

  2. Aimee said...

    Sometimes I think I'm too overprotective with my kids, but then I hear stories like these and I am reassured that I am not. The worst thing to me is hearing that a parent "forgot" their child in the car on a 100 degree day. So many die every year like that.

  3. Unknown said...

    Amber Child Safety, LLC
    Because Every Child is Worth Protecting...

    24945 US Hwy 19 N. Suite B
    Clearwater, FL 33763

    Donna Norris, mother of Amber Hagerman (of Amber Alert), is the latest to endorse Amber Child Safety
    CLEARWATER, FLORIDA August 3, 2009

    Tad Camp, CEO of Amber Child Safety, LLC and creator of the Amber Child Safety System announced today that Donna Norris has issued an official endorsement of the Amber Child Safety System. Mrs. Norris plans to publicly recommend the system.

    When asked about this new system Donna Norris stated, “It’s a great thing for any parent to do. It is a wonderful tool all the way around for parents and law enforcement. When a child goes missing a parent can’t think of all the details. All they can think about is getting their child back. It truly assists law enforcement in the recovery process. I am very proud of this system and very excited about it. I can’t wait to see it used and grow. It is a really awesome tool. I wish it had been available years ago. Thank you so much for all you are doing to help the children.”

    Mr. Camp states: “To have the endorsement and recommendation of Donna Norris is very exciting and gratifying for us. Parents need much more than just a Child ID kit. The average ID kit parents have for their child will not help Law Enforcement find that child if he or she becomes missing or is abducted. That type of kit gives parents a false sense of security. The information in those kits is useful for identifying a body, but not for locating a missing child.”

    “I created this system to aid Law Enforcement in the recovery of missing and abducted children. I have worked on missing and abducted children cases across the country. This system is based on the information I use to recover these children. The system will prompt the user with questions in order to collect the most accurate information possible.”

    “How many people would think to include the information on their child’s soccer coach, karate instructor, piano teacher, or best friends new step parent? I have eliminated all the guess work. We ask specific questions about the people your child has, or may have contact with in a format designed to help you provide accurate information. I strongly encourage all parents to update the information on a regular basis.”

    A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Amber Child Safety systems are donated to:
    We believe it is extremely important for this foundation to continue its work and it is our privilege to assist them in all that they do.

    For more information please contact:

    Angie Camp
    Phone: 727-244-8800
    Fax: 727-213-9022

  4. Kim Milius said...

    How sad when these things happen to children. I can remember when we lost my 3 year old brother at Disneyland. I was only 5 at the time & yet the memory is so clear to me about the panic and fear. I can't even imagine what my parents were going through in the few short minutes until he was found & returned to us by security personnel.

  5. Unknown said...

    It is so sad that we can't even let our children go outside & play without constant adult supervision. I wish my children could grow up in the same world that I grew up in.

  6. Marinka said...

    I am a madwoman when it comes to always keeping my kids in my sight. It sucks living like danger is always lurking, but that's just how I'm programmed.

  7. Brittany said...

    I am a mother to a beautiful lively two year old. It takes work to keep up with him, but I do. I live in sunny-rainy FL, and on the weekends when we have plans to go the park and it rains (like it usually does in FL) I take my son to an indoor playground at the mall. I walk around the playground with my son, watching him slide, and climb, and wiggle under the faux tree stumps. When he is out of my sight for a second, I am moving to see where he is. As I do this, I glance around at all the parents busy reading magazines, talking on their cell phones, or gossiping with another mother. The last time I was there I watched a child no older then two years old, walk out of the playground. I kept an eye on her to see how far she would go. Just as I was about to go get her and bring her back I noticed a mother who had been deeply involved in conversation look up. Her daughter was five stores down. What if someone else would have seen her? What if one of the many perverts out there would have caught a glimpse? It made me sick to my stomach. Parents need to slow down and pay more attention. I know how it feels to have too many things to do.. so many things on your mind, but when it comes to your kids you can never be too careful! It was great to read a post on this subject! WE NEED A REALITY CHECK!

  8. cleon dann said...

    that's obvious... if v can't take care of their society or surrounding enviornment then it will going 2 heart us and themselves also..

    cleon dann

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