Algebra Schmalgebra

It's 10:30pm and it's still 90 degrees out.

Hello, last time I checked I wasn't living in Arizona.

There it's 120 and their cool-down is 108.

Anyway, I sit hear sweating listening to my oldest two kids....

...Hubby and DQ...

... argue over algebra.

That's right.

She is still up.

Working on math.

The same 7th grade math she was bumped up to from her 6th grade class.

Proving a bit challenging, no?!

It's good, very good actually.

The arguing, not so much.

Help is asked for, then the resident mathematician goes to help...and all hell breaks loose.

"Oh you just wanted me to magically tell you the answer...well I don't have a teacher's manual, so I have to work each problem out too!"

That takes too long, and DQ is tired. And cranky. And getting a cold.

Not a good combo.

She's not going to care too much about this post either.

But, you know this drama is affecting me.

They are both acting stubborn.

I am calmly here typing my my feelings out...remember the whole cheaper than therapy's true.

So as we head on to 11pm and someone is still not in bed, we are asking for trouble.

In the morning that is.

I can already hear the door slamming at 6am.

I better go to bed now.

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  1. Heather B. said...

    We are so in the EXACT same boat as y'all are right now! Kristen's Pre-AP math is so stinkin hard for me let alone a 12 yr old! We have been arguing also but her work has gotten done but not without tears on her part. Which totally sucks because math should NOT drive you to tears!!! Two nights ago she worked on her math for FIVE hours. Got in bed at 11:30pm and had to be up at 5am for athletics at 6:15am!! BRUTAL i tell you!

    Ok to thanks for letting me use your Cheaper than Therapy comment section for a mini vent!!! LOL!

    Hope it gets better for DQ soon! Oh and hubby and you!

  2. Courtney said...

    I remember Algebra use to be my fave sugject. I was bumped up to pre-algebra in the 5th grade and i loved every minute of it. I was on my own most of the time to figure it out because my dad never even made it out of Jr High and my mom was not a math whiz outside of basic math. It made for some hard days and nights. However it has been a long time and i so do not look forward to having new little mathamaticians in my house.

    I hope tomorrow is better!

  3. A Fist Full of Dandelions said...

    Oh my you conjuring up some high school memories of me and my dad (from over 20 years ago!). So glad I survived those years (I didn't survive the math, though!)

    Stopping by from SITS!

  4. Sarah said...

    I remember my sister screaming. I just let my head fall to the table and begged my father to try to let me work it out. I think she had broken his spirit because he let me.

    At least you have a 3 day weekend to recover before the next round starts.

  5. The Buntens said...

    "my two oldest kids...hubby and DQ" LOL -- so funny!

    Oh, I sooooo hated algebra. This scene could be one from my own home when I was a kid.

    Hang in there - it's almost fall!

  6. Unknown said...

    Oh no! I loved algebra! I actually wanted to be a math teacher - if there wasn't so much politics in school I probably would have been. All of the kids come to me for help in math, and generally there is no screaming involved... English homework, well that is another story ... they have to go somewhere else for that! Good Luck!

  7. Tenakim said...

    ugh- I have had those nights and subsequent mornings- I hope it's better than expected. Almost every night. And morning, actually. I can still help all of them, but my husband's capabilities with helping with math ends in 2nd grade.

  8. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

    As a teacher, I'm very much appreciating your hubby taking the time to work them out and not just telling her the answer. So many times, my students want the answers and don't care how you get to them.

  9. The Mom Jen said...

    Let me say I do have some math skills...LOL...but if I can avoid another debate with a tween I will. Something Hubs and I both do is over-analyze problems too...we ask ourselves..."this is right, right?!"

  10. Unknown said...

    oh ew, I hate that part of homework.

  11. Michelle said...

    B was doing 4th grade math last year in his GT class and I had to bust out the calculator on several occasions, very depressing. Math is not my thing! Good thing hubby is a math whiz so hopefully I can pass the math homework questions onto him as they get older.

  12. Krystal said...

    That sounds like us last night except it wasn't 7th grade math, it was 1st grade sentences and a boy who wants to spell everything phonetically even though mommy wrote the sentence out after he told it to her so he can just copy it since it was already 10 o'clock and said 6 year old has been at it since 9 o'clock......

  13. Martha said...

    Math homework is the worst.. the teacher always teaches it differently than I know how to do it since math has changed so much since the dark ages of the 70s! I'm hoping her virtual school has some good math tutors... math is the subject she does not like! All of the morning drama, and late night nightmare home work sessions is one of the reasons I went with virtual (homeschooling) school!

  14. Unknown said...

    Seriously, how many people really use algebra in their adult lives?

  15. sheila said...

    My kids are all advanced in math. They stopped turning to me with questions and just ask each other, lol. My son skipped a grade and he isn't phased by his school work either. Kids today amaze me.

    I can't believe it's so HOT there still! Yikes!

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