The Candy is Whispering My Name!

What's your favorite Halloween treat!?

This year, mine are...

I can't get enough!

In the past, I would put all our leftover candy into my oldest daughter's birthday pinata to "get rid of it!"

But, now that she's almost 11, the pinata thing isn't cool.

The temptation of it all just makes my thighs thicken as we speak!

Not to mention I'm in charge of fundraising at DQ's school and we have a Chocolate Bar and See's Candy event coming up all before Christmas.

Later today My Boy will come home with TONS of stuff from school.

My pre-schooler has a cavity-inducing bag of treat from yesterday.

They haven't even Trick-or-Treated yet!!


I have no self-control.

I WILL eat it all.

I can smell it from my bedroom.

Or that might be the crumbs by my pillow.

Chocolate helps you sleep..or something.

I'm feeling a bit like Willy Wonka, only fatter and with boobs.


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  1. Aria said...

    You're lucky. In my house the candy doesn't whisper, it starts out screaming and if you don't listen it simply kidnaps and force feeds itself to you. ;-) Happy Halloween Lady!

  2. Michelle said...

    Whisper, really? It screams my name. I have a horrible sweet tooth. This year butterfingers are some of my favorites!

  3. The Mother said...

    Here's the trick to not eating Halloween candy--

    Turn off the lights and pretend you aren't home. THat way, you don't have to buy any.

    OR--my personal favorite--go tell Tarot at your friend's party, so you aren't home and don't have to buy candy.

    See how easy that was?

  4. Anonymous said...

    We have a ton of candy already too! I have a really hard time staying out of it late at night. I can really hear the peanut butter cups and licorice calling me.... mmmmm makes me want some right now!!

  5. Ally Wasmund said...

    ugh. i always eat WAY too much candy this time of year. candy should be illegal for me. :)

  6. KatBouska said...

    Mmmm...snickers and peanut m&ms are at the top of my list!

  7. Anonymous said...

    Oh! I heart Kit Kats!

    I bought a bag for the little pre-school kids that come trick or treating to all the classrooms at the high school where I work and I have eaten about 20!

  8. Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

    this year I am onto Laffy Taffy...Dentist here I come!!!

  9. michelle said...

    Twizzlers and Kraft individually wrapped carmels. Yum

  10. Bridgette said...

    Reese cups are my favorite! I can't buy them for Halloween because I would eat them all!

  11. Courtney said...

    Oh i so know how you feel!

    Every year as we go through the kids candy, after they are in a sugar induced coma, i take all the reese's, kit kats, and 3 muskateers! They never know the difference and my candy bag (along with my butt) gets fatter!

  12. Mrs4444 said...

    I have a wicked sweet tooth, too, and poor Kendall got hers from me as well. Fortunately, we only have a few Twizzlers left in the bucket :)

  13. Lucy said...

    Ahhh I know. I had to fight with myself to not eat anymore candy yesterday. We never have it in the house so this is terrible. My favorite is chocolate candy bars.

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