Can't Put the Camera Down!

It's one of those weeks.

Everyone and everything is getting photographed.

It's pumpkin carving time!

DQ's kitty cat.

My Boy going for the original Jack-o-Lantern face.

K chose a moon and stars theme.

That had her favorite letter on the back.

Big sis and her favorite logo of all time. PEACE.

My favorite part of the activity, roasted seeds!

My party dip needed a "hand."

The winning card!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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  1. Swirl Girl said...

    Happy Trick or Treat!

  2. Mrs4444 said...

    Looks like a lot of fun!

    Happy Halloween! :)

  3. Ally Wasmund said...

    very cool! happy halloween :)

  4. Janice @ Mom On The Run said...

    Great costume! Happy Halloween!

  5. Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

    I hear you about not being able to drop the camera this week! Every time I turn around I needed it for something!!! ;) Love all the pumpkins, just adorable...and I can hear BINGO from here!!!

  6. Suburban Hooker said...

    The pumpkins are GREAT!!!
    Love the bingo card!!
    Hope you all had a great Halloween!! the "guts" pics!

  7. Anonymous said...

    Love the pumpkins! I really like the little one with the stars. So cute!

  8. Brittany said...

    Looks like a fantastic Halloween! HOpe your time with you family was wonderful. :) I love the hand in the spaghettii(?)/Lasagna! Where did you find that?!

  9. The Mom Jen said...

    Brittany, it was 7-layer dip and we had a plastic hand leftover from last years Halloween party!, LOL!

  10. Merrie said...

    Great pictures Jen! Love them all!

  11. Dee said... it! The pumpkins look great!

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