Hiding in My Cave

This week has been so incredibly blah.

And by blah, I mean, I'm eating like there's no tomorrow.

I mean comfort food is the only thing getting me through the week.

I can't stay awake for all the funny shows.

Each night I'm awakened on the couch by hubby telling me to go to bed.

And, it's like 9:30pm.

Is it the time change?

I'm thinking it is.

My youngest is rising by the light of day and falling asleep at 6pm.

My Boy's soccer coached called practice at 5:15pm for lack of daylight.

It's totally making me tired way too early.

So far "standard time" can suck it.

Do you think black-out shades in the morning and sun-lamps at night will help?

Makes me just want to hide out in my cave even more.

Did you know a few of my friends truly think i'm a hermit.

They worry about me and the relationship I have with my computer.

Like it's my only outlet to the outside world.

It is.

More and more lately.

You see, I'm totally getting social anxiety.

Bailing on social events for stupid things like lacking a cute outfit, not really knowing what to say, or just being away from home.

I'm more into writing...and texting.

I feel far more confident doing that than talking.

I texted Hubby last night at the dinner table to tell him his BBQ'ed chicken was fantastic!

He texted back "KEWL."

And then I said, "<3" and he was offended because he thought I was giving the chicken a less than 3 grade on a scale of 1-10.

"No honey that means LOVE, it's a heart if you turn it."

He texted a smile and said, "we're wasting minutes doing this."

So anyway.

I guess I need a vitamin boost to get me adjusted to this time change.

And, to get out more in the real world.

Okay, so...someone call me and invite me out. ;)

I'll leave my cell phone at home.

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  1. Anonymous said...

    I am one of those strange ones that like "standard time", but I hate the spring ahead bit....

  2. ParentingPink said...

    I can soooo relate! Though I partially been hibernating because we've all come down with swine flu - combine that with daylights savings and you've got a truly lethargic group! LOL

  3. Momma Chick said...

    I am becoming a hermit more in more. It is a wonder if I ever get out of my comfy around the house clothes. It is so hard when you just don't have the energy to do anything!

  4. Ranch Girl said...

    If I were there I'd drag your butt out! I understand though - this time change thing has even thrown us for a loop - the evenings seem to go on FOREVER! We eat dinner super early and then we each go to our own 'caves' ...

  5. Ally Wasmund said...

    ugh. i HATE the time change, too. who invented that anyway??!! it's a bunch of shit.

    do you run or anything? that might make you feel better. i used to get like you are and the only thing that would work to make me happy was running or exercising. i'll be starting up with my 5K training soon if you are interested! we could virtual race :)

  6. mama's smitten said...

    Hey I was wondering ???? You up for coffee sometime? :)

  7. Ann On and On... said...

    It's been one of those weeks for me too. Sleepy...

  8. Heather B. said...

    Yup! I hear ya on this one! I hate that it gets dark SOOOOOO early now! However, it does make it easier for the kids to go to bed at night because there is no more "it is still light outside" excuse!!!

  9. The Mom Jen said...

    Allyson, I don't run, but should...I know exercise would be so helpful..well walking not running.

    Lisa (Mama's Smitten)..YES! email me and we'll exchange numbers!! themomjen@gmail.com

    Lisa (Ranch Girl)...can you come for shopping day or the Xmas party this year!?

  10. Unknown said...

    well come on then and lets go out! lol but heck i feel you... even tho i work third shift i've been so sleepy lately and it's killing me!

  11. Suburban Hooker said...

    What's wrong with being a hermit and btw......sleep does a body good!! Dammit!!

  12. Kirsty@Gone Bananas said...

    That's funny I was just asking my sister if the time change affected her at all. I've been having trouble keepin' my eyes open after 8PM which is highly unusual for this night owl!

    I've have anxiety for ten years! It sometimes keeps me from doing things too. Hoping to start on Lexapro after I see my doc on the 19th because it's been rearing it's ugly head again. Gotta roll with the punches right?!

  13. Stacy Uncorked said...

    I can absolutely relate. While I love getting that hour back this time of year, it really messes me up. Worse in the Spring when they steal that hour back.

    Too bad I don't live near you, I'd meet you for coffee - and you wouldn't even have to bother with cute clothes. ;)

  14. Courtney said...

    Did i write this???

    Oh well i guess it doesnt matter who wrote it if we all are feeling the same lol!

    I think i need to be pulled from my house and made to do something exciting but at almost 40 weeks pregnant the thought just makes me laugh!

  15. Unknown said...

    I so wish I lived close enough to you to call you up and go hang out because I am totally feeling the same way. Being social makes me nervous now. Yikes!

  16. Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

    DUDE- same thing going on over here...I am falling asleep like I am pregnant again...No- NO- No ;) Hope we snap out of it!

  17. Unknown said...

    I havent adjusted to the time either. Hate when it gets dark early!

  18. Unknown said...

    wow..check on eating comfort foods, check on not wanting to get out, I can totally relate to what you're saying..I got out this evening to go to my first AVON meeting and had a hard time introducing myself..lol.maybe it is the time change..Hope your week gets better:)

  19. Merrie said...

    How did I not read this sooner? Okay Jen -- you like me, and I like you, right? We really need to hang out more in a simpler and smaller setting. Fewer people, less distractions, more comfort. It might ease you out and would let us see more of each other, which would make me happy.

    I'm going to work on that. I'll be in touch. ((((Jen))))

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