Eleven years ago today I was in labor with my first child.

13 hours and not a clue if the baby would wear pink or blue upon leaving the hospital.

Neutral was the dominating color in the Noah's Ark bedroom closet.

The glider-rocker awaited many days and nights of bonding.

The crib was oblivious that it wouldn't see much action until 2.5 years later.

Our bed had no idea it was made for 3.

The recliner was about to embark on many midnight daddy-daughter snuggles.

Our stove top would soon find out how long it took to boil bottle nipples.

The walls in our house were about to echo newborn cries.

Our hearts were ready to be filled with love we never knew existed.

Today I'm am overwhelmed how fast the time has gone.

I have a beautiful, super-smart, almost-as-tall-as-I-am daughter who I couldn't be more proud of.

I look through scrapbooks of the memories of her first birthday, her first tooth, her first steps, her first day of school, her first best friend and weep a little.

A good healthy, love-filled weep.

Not only are her birthdays filled with presents, friends, slumber parties, cake, pizza, and all about her...

...they are a little about me too.

My memories, my aging, my growing up along side of her.

While I'm sure she loves getting older, I struggle to stop time and just hold on to these moments a little longer.

When we can snuggle on the couch, or share a laugh.

Because the next eleven will be here before you know it.

High school. College.

I can't go there.

Not now.

For now, we celebrate your birthday with a day off from school.

How many kids can say that?

For now, we'll eat pizza, cake, go mini-golfing and shopping like you wish for.

I love you my big girl!

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  1. Julie said...


    (And she's gorgeous, of course)

  2. Tenakim said...

    aww- Happy Birthday DQ! Have fun bonding while you can- soon she will pretend you don't exist and though, at times, that may be AWESOME- mostly, it's kind of sad!

  3. Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

    Happy Birthday DQ!!

    Time sure does fly by! Gorgeous Girl Jen....you better lock her up and keep those pesky boys away! Ugh....Our girls are the same age mine being a bit older turned 11 in July. So not ready for this next phase, I just want them to stay little :(

  4. Courtney said...

    Happy Happy Birthday! I hope she has everything she dreams of!

  5. Michelle said...

    Happy Birthday DQ!!!
    Time does fly by so fast. Make sure that you always remember how much your Mom loves you and always keep her close to your heart. A mother's love is the truest of them all and as you become older you will learn that more and more. Have a wonderful day!!!!

  6. Unknown said...

    Happy birthday! My oldest daughter is about to turn 13, and I totally relate to your feelings. And, just for fun--I didn't know if she was a boy or a girl before she was born, either. :)

  7. Ally Wasmund said...

    she's beautiful :)

  8. Merrie said...

    Happy Birthday 11 year old on 11/11! She's lucky to have it off. We always did Vets day on a Mon or Fri, so I was often at school for my bday. And now my kids are off tomorrow whilst I work. Unfair!
    Enjoy your celebration!!!

  9. Shana Putnam said...

    That is just precious.

  10. Unknown said...

    Great post! Happy Birthday DQ!

  11. Dee said...

    Now that I'm in tears- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    It's amazing how fast they grow up-your post makes me want to hold on to my kids and never let go.

  12. Toni said...

    Happy Birthday sweetie!

  13. kristi said...

    Wow, my girl just turned 14!

  14. The Bertone's said...

    Absolutely gorgeous! Happy Birthday!

  15. Michelle said...

    Happy birthday DQ! My oldest is 9. The way time flies makes me sad!

  16. Jenni said...

    Happy Birthday, DQ!

    Have a glass of wine and enjoy your beautiful girl, Jen!

  17. mama's smitten said...

    Happy Birthday DQ !

  18. Serendipity is Sweet said...

    Aw, sweet post! Happy birthday to her :D

  19. Anonymous said...

    She is so pretty! And looks so sweet! Youre so lucky!

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