Let The Santa Threats Begin

In an hour our Thanksgiving break starts.

By break, I mean the kids are off school and all activities until next Monday and I don't have to shower until after 4pm.

Woo hoo!

It also means that candied yams, pumpkin pie, and rolls will be consumed like it's my last feast on earth.

Truly, is there not a better night for a meal all year, than on Thanksgiving?!

I think not.

And, as for that Black Friday shopping craze...not my thing.

I mean, you still need money to participate.

Oh and the crowds, no thanks.

I like shopping online.

No waiting, and getting frustrated driving all that way and having what you want out of stock!

But, you figured as much because I'm a homebody.

I do enjoy shopping, sorta.

Okay I don't.

I'm so turning into my husband.

Before you know it, I'll sprout chest hair and need to shave 4 times a week.

But anyhoo.

I can't believe December is next week.

Remember when I posted that I couldn't believe October was next week....then November.

Yeah, I've been repeating myself lately.

But holy time-flying-Batman, it's almost 2010!


But first, Christmas.

We need to unpack our tree, spritz some Drakkar-Pine on it and start the Santa threats!!

"Santa's watching you tantrum K!"

"My Boy, clean your room or Santa might skip our house."

"DQ, one more sass like that and there'll be coal in your stocking!"

You know, the usual.

I need to come up with my list.

For myself.

Because, I'm the only one to surprise myself with a gift.

Usually my annual scrapbooking weekend is my treat from "the family".

72 hours alone with my photos and friends.

Unfortunately, this year I'm sacrificing it for a family baby shower.

But it's okay, I get to come up with something equally as good.

Maybe a couple's weekend to wine-taste in Napa?

That would have to be a Xmas/Bday/Mother's Day treat.

A girl can dream.

Any suggestions for me?!

Do you gift-yourself at the holidays?!

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  1. Traci Fritz said...

    I ordered myself a new jewelry box for Christmas this year. I always gift myself...and I'm glad I'm not the only one pulling out the Santa threats! ;)

  2. Joan Craven said...

    As a grandmother now I was thinking about how I gifted myself when our kids were young. I had a group of girls and we had 'games nights' - at first we were going to play games however the games were soon turfed and we sat and visited and laughed. Sometimes we would make a craft if someone had an easy one cheap one - I remember once making a door wreath by twisting tin can lids into the shape of bells - and once we had a cookies exchange. Everybody brought two dozen of their favourite cookies (some bought 2 dozen) - we didn't care - and then we divided them up - we all brought an empty box and then the 12 of us walked around and put 2 cookies in each box. I think it all worked out - we weren't worried - it saved on the baking that year and we had fun. 35 years later we still meet. Now we sip wine and tell stories and sometimes we can even afford to go away for a whole weekend.

  3. Martha said...

    Only one more day of virtual school for Tara and then 4 days off woo hoo. We took last Fri off to go away, so she needs to either do a couple hours each day of break, or she needs to do school on Monday!

    I'm not into shopping, esp. Black Friday, but Tara is at that age the because of all the darned commercials - she wants to "experience it". So we might head to Tar-get for 4am opening and see if I can pick up a $3 crock pot or something.

    Tara asked what I wanted for XMAS.... I told her that I would love for her to be more responsible (aka remember her own stuff) and help more around the house! Doesn't cost a dime!

    I don't think I will buy myself anything things year, I've been itching to trade in my camera for the next model up, but I keep talking myself out of it.... I'm going to need to be employed here soon, something part time -but even a couple hundred bucks is that much longer I can stay on hiatus!

    Happy Thanksgiving - enjoy those candied yams. They really are the best that way aren't they?

  4. Unknown said...

    I could have written that myself, except I've been using the santa threats since Halloween!

    As for the gift thing, my gift is the ONLY gift my hubs buys & I usually buy myself a backup in case his isn't "just what I've always wanted".

  5. Shana Putnam said...

    If I don't gift myself I don't get gifted. Bless his heart, Chris is hopeless with gift buying. I show him things all year and he just bombs when the holidays roll around lol.

  6. Michelle said...

    I think a weekend is Napa sounds fabulous! You should do it.

  7. Clarinda said...

    Love the Santa threats! Hilarious. I don't have children yet, but I know I'll SO be doing this when that time comes.

    I totally gift myself. My husband's not one to *shop*. However, this year we're taking a trip to the US Virgin Islands in January. Yeah!

  8. Swirl Girl said...

    I think I am becoming your husband too! I am sprouting chest hairs and the errant chin hair as well. Oh wait - I am just going through menopause.

    I don't do black friday ...I'd rather pay a little extra to avoid the headache.

    Oh, and I go away once or thrice a year on 'scrapbooking' weekends, too. (Is that what we're calling it now?)

  9. Anonymous said...

    I always gift myself!! As Im unwrapping my presents on Christmas morning my husband asks "Who got you that?" And I smile and say "YOU!" hahaha

  10. Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

    Heck I have been doing Santa threats since last December LOL

    My kids have off all week, how crazy is that! No fair....why am I getting punished :( kidding I really do like my kids....sometimes :)

    I am all about shopping online too, so far that is what I have been doing. Last year I went shopping on Black Friday and got some deals, may go out again this year...not sure yet.

    Have a GREAT Thanksgiving Jen...hope Ellen calls....fingers crossed :)

  11. Angela @ Nine More Months said...

    I can not believe it's almost December. In just two weeks we are going on our big road trip and I am so far from ready. I should have been packing and making lists and getting things ready and saving money like weeks ago.

  12. Angela @ Nine More Months said...

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I almost posted that picture, but I decided to make something pretty. :)

  13. Angela @ Nine More Months said...

    Oops, I totally just commented on the wrong post.

  14. Sylvia said...

    It's awesome to use the Santa threat! I start as soon as possible, because I can only use it until Dec.25th!
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