New Moon and Speedos and Jacob OH MY!

I was just reading People's latest issue about the Sexiest Man Alive and came across a photo of Jerry O'Connell in a Speedo and gagged.

After I redigested, I thumbed through the mag, Johnny

Brad Pitt and George over them.


Ryan Reynolds and Bradley Cooper...oh ♥ yeah...

But someone who was jipped...Joshua Jackson from Fringe!

He SO totally deserved to be in there, but whatevs.

I thought about writing about the perils of Speedos and how unattractive they are.

I mean, please leave something to the imagination instead of looking like a slug.

But, then I thought about the mini-skirt type bathing suit bottom I'm forced to wear after 3 children doing a number on my midsection and felt I shouldn't judge.

So I'll find something else to write about.

Like the mom of a cousin's girlfriend who recognized my oldest in the grocery store tonight and turned to me.. "I love your blog!"

I blushed.

DQ was so confused how this lady knew her.

You're sorta famous sweetie.

In a "on my blog" sorta way.


I'm getting ready to take in the most anticipated movie of the season according to some of my Twilight cronies and most of the teen-female population across the world.

New Moon.

My least favorite book of the Twilight saga, but looks like a lot of skin will be shown.

Chests...get your mind out of the gutter.

RPatz and Taylor Lautner without shirts on.

Now that's a good look.

Abs, a little chest hair.

That spot above the belt that shows the hip bones.

Forget the skimpy swimsuit look, bring on jeans and no shirt.

No mind that Taylor isn't even old enough to vote.


I've turned into a 15 year old bag of hormones.

Excuse me while I get my Edward tee, skinny jeans, and Chuck Taylor Converse on and head to the movies.

And don't tell DQ I raided her closet.
Update: The movie was so GOOD!

Edward fans, so sorry, this was Jacob Black's movie.

The bod.

A few girls discussing on FB that Edward's shirtlessness was a non-matching nipple disaster...I HAVE to see it again to check that out, I did not notice.

But, compared to Twilight, this was by far the better movie.

Kudos all around to the actors, and Jessica...hilarious!

I will sleep well tonight.

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  1. Martha said...

    LOL, Speedos have no use and should be outlawed!

    I like Johnny Depp, wasn't crazy about the pic on the mag.... Ryan Reynolds, he is a cutie...

    I hope you enjoy(ed) the movie. Tara has not had much interest in the whole Twilight thing. We have the book, and the first movie... I think we will wait for this one on DVD too. I have to admit, I've never watched the whole thing, only listened while I drove and she watched!

  2. michelle said...

    It's too early on a Sunday morning to be thinking about Speedos. Yuck

    I can't wait to hear what folks think about New Moon. Also my least favorite of the books. I think. They all kind of run into each other. I found the first movie compelling. Like a bag of potato chips. We had it on netflix and watched it a dozen times.

    Looking forward to your review

  3. Kiki said...

    i agree with your assessment of People magazine. still not sure why johnny is on the cover, but he does have that new movie coming out and the cover usually goes to the best celeb PR team. hope you enjoyed New Moon. the critics are bashing it. take care.

  4. Suburban Hooker said...

    Ryan Reynolds....drool drool!!
    Speedos.......ugh....I just vomitted a little!!

  5. Swirl Girl said...

    Speedos...further proof that if god was woman, they wouldn't exist!

  6. Anonymous said...

    I know more moms who want to see New Moon than I do teens!

  7. Shirley said...

    I saw it opening day, during a time when most teenagers are in school... so the theater was filled with older women and their boyfriends/husbands/man friends...

    The lady next to me was 55 and she was going all crazy for Taylor Lautner. It was hysterical.

  8. Paige said...

    I have the same problem with that child Taylor. i make myself sick.

    But damn. Thank God there is a law

  9. Mrs4444 said...

    Kendall was pretty grossed out by the nipple thing, too. I'm glad I missed that.

  10. Tiffany said...

    Don't even want to comment about speedos - Just wrong on so many levels...

    Loved New Moon - Felt very old in the theater full of teenagers... Almost made me like Jacob.... Almost!

  11. Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

    Although I understand its importance to the whole story New Moon was my least favorite too actually it might be a tie between New Moon and Eclipse... Bella is too darn whiny in Eclipse.

    I am glad you enjoyed the movie. I boycotted the Twilight movie for a long time because it seemed so different from the book but I am feeling the itch to go see New Moon pretty soon.

  12. Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

    Yeah, I am over the Brad Pitt Clooney thing too...but you know why I am soo lame? Because I am not even into Twilight...*GASP*
    I am officially a non-teenage, middle aged loser mom who just can't get into all the hype. I can stop following my blog and write me on the *BAD* list for Christmas. I will forgive the meantime..see it for me again to hear about this nipple thing...WHAT?

  13. Tenakim said...

    right there with you on the speedo gag and yummy Ryan and Bradley.

    Sweet that someone complimented your blog- doens't that make you feel good- you are great- you should know.

    However, I can't get all teenie bop with you and gossip about Twiligt because though it seems I don't have limits- I do- and I can't go there.

  14. mama's smitten said...

    I just saw new moon last night! Loved it ! Or should I say I loved Jacob !;)

  15. Carri said...

    No banana hammocks (speedo's but as Phoebe called them in Friends), they are a bad bad thing.
    The New Moon movie OMG amazing I loved it and I enjoyed bringing my 9 year old with me to see it since I had nobody else to go with. I will have to check out that Edward shirtless thing as well, but I must be honest he is so not my type.

  16. Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

    Same deal on the skirt bathing suit judgement here! LOL

    Edward does have wonky nipples....TEAM JACOB!!

    Totally feel like a PERV for thinking "happy" thoughts about Jacob and his hot bod....he is only 17, yup I am a PERV LOL

  17. Jenni said...

    How many days until Jacob Black turns 18 and I can legally lust after him?

  18. Mel Fraase said...

    I saw it opening day, too. And now that you mention it I DID notice the weirdo nipple thing. Whatever, I'm all team Jacob anyway, much better to look at with a shirt off than the skinny pale guy. Probably much better in a Spedo, too.

  19. Angela @ Nine More Months said...

    Um, I just saw this last night and I have to agree about Edwards weird nipples. I don't really remember much else about the movie except for the hot shirtless werewolf boy that I have to keep reminding myself is SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD.

  20. Angela @ Nine More Months said...

    Can I just say I'm glad I'm not the only mom lusting after Jacob? It makes me feel better.

  21. lewalk said...

    I think Jacob is a total hottie too. It's not just you. Yea, no Speedos are okay in my book. Ick. I mostly wanted to say I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the way you write in this blog. It's not long, drawn out, and boring. It doesn't bog the reader down and make you wonder where the point of the story is and when it will be over. It's the way I think in my head so I can keep up and follow you. LOVE it. Lol. I can't say that enough. I'm not a big blog reader but this is one I could see myself reading, for real. I also followed you on GFC while I was there just because I love it so much.


  22. MichelleS said...

    Ewwwwwwwwwwww lol. I don't like "boys" are hot. I'm young-ish and I like older guys. No one like Clooney or Pitt, ew, haha, like no-name TV stars like Eddie Cibrian or Michael Beach.

  23. VickieC said...

    heck,usually when I see a man in a speedo,its not something you want to see,lol,,,I like looking a young healthy males in speedos,but not old men,,yuck

  24. Debby said...

    With you on the Speedos. lol

    Haven't seen the movie or the mags, but thanks for the laughs! :)

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