Christmas Vacation: Day 1

The kids are home...for 17 days.

No school until January 4th.

We all woke up late which completely rocked.

How I needed to sleep in with no place to go.

But, as soon as the little militia of children attempted to play together, the wooden blocks began to fly.

That turned into loud screams and crying, following by the kids starting in with screaming and crying.

The living room is in shambles.

We've been up an HOUR.

So I do what most moms do in times like this...I posted on Facebook "Anyone know a good babysitter?"

The noise has calmed down as one of the 3 has moved her buisness into the art of hair straightening.

So the plan for vacation is to stay sane until daddy's time off starts on 12/24.


Looking very forward to a wedding tomorrow!

Hubby's cousin is the lucky bride, and I'm a sucker for weddings.

I love a good healthy, happy cry.

I especially love getting dressed up, buying new shoes and a new fun!

And, because I know nothing of fashion...giraffe print is okay for a wedding right!?

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  1. Pajama Mama said...

    One hour? You've got me beat! My son's Christams vacation started today, with classes ending at 11:30. It's now 3:00 and I just told my husband that I am so over this Christmas vacation already. AAAHHH!! January 4th is now my new best friend! :)

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  2. Ranch Girl said...

    I'm sorry, but I LOVE Christmas vacation - but I ONLY have 1 at home now, not 3, so it is much easier. It was definitely a challenge with the 4 older ones!

  3. Heather B. said...

    I am in the EXACT same boat!!!! Mine got home at 130pm and they have ALREADY started!!!!!

  4. Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

    LOL, my facebook said something like boys bickering early in the morning is I hear you loud and CLEAR!!! ;)

    Girafe print sounds soo great for a a picture of you I wanna see it.

  5. Cajoh said...

    Now I can't think of the name of the song, nor how the line goes…

    I think it goes: "and mom and dad can't wait for school to start again"

    Have fun at the wedding!

  6. Anonymous said...

    FIrst like my house.

    Not sure about the print...but hey, you'll stand out in all the pictures!!

  7. CalgaryDaddy said...

    I used to love Christmas Break as a I see my mom probably didnt feel the same way, lol!


  8. Swirl Girl said...

    today marks the first hour (since 3 PST) of our staycation. And I have only blown my top 3 times!! It's gonna be a looooong 2 weeks!

  9. Mass Hole Mommy said...

    Oh good lord...that is a LONG vacation! Around here they go right up until the 23rd, which is an early release day, and then go back on the 4th. And that is PLENTY long enough. Good luck to you keeping them occupied for that long! LOL!

  10. Shana Putnam said...

    What is giraffe print not good!?!

  11. Shannon said...

    At least you got to sleep in on the first official day of Christmas vacation! Since the kids are out of school, we had my niece and nephew spend the night with us. All 4 kids were up this morning @ 7:30. They were nice enough to let me stay in bed until about 8:15. Then they barged in my bedroom with shouts of "we're hungry!"

  12. Michelle said...

    We only get 11 days of break and I am looking forward to every minute of it. Mainly because of the sleeping in and not having anywhere to go. I guess you should check back in with me at the end of break after I have referred 100 fights and cleaned up 100 messes but for now I am saying I am excited!

  13. The Bertone's said...

    That so sounds like my house! Good luck to you!!!

  14. Mrs4444 said...

    I look forward to wedding pics! (assuming you haven't gone insane by now.)

    And speaking of insanity, I'm switching back to Blogger comments and am losing my mind. Any idea how to remove the code for my Haloscan comments?? I keep looking in the Html of my template but I don't see it!

  15. Martha said...

    Enjoy vacation. Tara's starts on 12/24, but as we all know she is ALWAYS home anyway!

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