On the fifth day of vacation my true love gave to me...

...a 3-year old who was fever-free!

I was so worried we'd be mopping up vomit on Christmas Eve.

That was my nightmare last night.

In between being woken up by K talking in her sleep.

My kids talk in their sleep when they have fevers, it's weird!

Everyone was relatively good today, I must admit.

They know the guy in the red suit is around the corner, so they're giving their last-minute all.

I'll take it.

To boot, my friend and her sons invited My Boy over for a playdate, that was cool.

I ran over during Hubby's lunch break and took a tad too long.

He called me and I was so excited that I was out, talking to another adult, in the real world, that I over-stayed my welcome.

Later, I battled the parking lot at Safeway, stood in line for EVER, but did get our holiday basics.

My first time buying a ham, I made 3 phone calls from the store about which one to buy.

My 3 choices were: pre-glazed spiral, butt, and shank.

Yes, my 11 year old and I giggled.

Shank is such a funny word associated with meat.

Settled for the pre-glazed spiral.

Got some cleaning and organizing done.

Slow and steady wins the race.

I ate like 8-year old today which was oddly delicious.

PB & J and Puffy Cheetos for lunch and then mini corn dogs and a baked potato for dinner.

I'm going to ask Hubby to read me a bedtime story before bed, see what he says!

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  1. Beth P. said...

    Pre-glazed spiral sounds the most appetizing, thats for sure! I'm glad you got to share a laugh, though!

  2. life in the mom lane said...

    Sorry to hear your kids are sick, but luckily it sounds like they are on the mend,... about 13 yrs. ago we woke up Christmas morning with all 3 kids + hubby vomiting with the stomach flu... it was ever so much fun *not*.
    We finally were able to open presents by around 7 PM (so you KNOW they were really sick).
    With that spiral ham... keep it covered -they have a tendency to dry out if you don't! Merry Christmas! :)

  3. Shana Putnam said...

    Glad your kids are feeling better. I love to eat like a kid sometimes!!

  4. Nishant said...

    I'm glad you got to share a laugh, though!

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