The Bachelor: The Spoilers Got to Me

I've gone and done it.

I've read the spoilers.

Dammit all.

The Bachelor isn't the same if it's all true.

The trip to St. Lucia, the most annoying phone call ever.

No surprises.

This guy, " Reality Steve" has ruined it all for me.

I'm buying the US Weekly mags to read more garbage and predictions.

I'm weak.

I. Need. To. Know. Who. Gets. The. Final . Rose.

I do know that Ali does not come back despite her plea.

I do know that I was a little worried when Vienna said, "Jake I have something for you" in the fantasy suite.

Didn't you think she was going to bring her dad around the corner.

Just to measure if there was 12 inches between them on the bed.

Gia's gone.

Who is Jake?

What is it that he wants?

One more episode.

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  1. Messy Mommy said...

    I read Reality Steve too. If he's right I'm gonna be so pissed.

  2. Caren said...

    Oh he's right, he's always right. Poor, poor deluded Jake.

  3. NotJustAnotherJen said...

    I caved and bought the US magazine. I felt so dirty, I'm still scrubbing trying to repent from the purchase. The trash mag doesn't tell you anything that you didn't already imagine about Vienna. She's a former Hooters girl and those that they interviewed for the article think she's not the brightest crayon in the box. Not that I have anything against Hooter girls, I'm just clear that a) I never had the body to be a Hooters girl and b) that's a line I'm pretty sure I wouldn't cross if I did have the accessories.

    I think Jake wants to be a naughty pirate. That makes me sad.

  4. Connie said...

    I've been reading Reality Steve too. I must stop. I don't even want to watch the rest.....

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