In Honor of Valentine's Day...

Just a few things I no particular order.


My husband.

Listening to the rain from under a blanket.

Walking on a wharf.

Reading in bed.

Hershey Kisses with Cherry Cordial filling.

Music that makes me want to dance.


Baseball games.

My mom's tacos.

Listening to the waves crash.

Friday's at 4:30 pm.

My daughters.

Sixteen Candles the movie.

Laughing to tears.


Reality TV


The smell of Jasmine.


My son.

Bagel Bites.

US Weekly Magazine.

Tap dancers' feet.

My dad's Meatball Soup and Chili Verde.

Freshly bathed children.

Candid, up close photos of faces.

Pandora Music Player.

My new iTouch. (I have the best friends)

Playing Bingo with my mom.


Feet in the sand.

Early morning snuggles with a 4 year old.

The sun on a winter day.

Living in California.

Half regular/half decaf coffee.

My kid's laughter.

My blog.

My friend's blogs.


Words with Friends.


No schedules.



6 supporters in group:

  1. Molly said...

    Oh how could I have already forgotten about the Cherry Cordial Kisses.

    How soon we forget.

  2. Keyona said...

    Great list! I love many of those things!

  3. Brittany said...

    I LOOOOOVVVVEEEEE sixteen candles! :) (and pretty in pink!)

  4. Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

    WOW! We have some of the same loves;) Itouch..your husband (kidding...I kid) ;)

  5. Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

    I am so jealous of your iTouch. And I totally agree freshly bathed kids smell the best!

  6. Tasha said...

    Thems Hershey Kisses with Cherry Cordial filling are the devil!

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