Baby Magic

My SIL and BIL had a baby 3 weeks ago.


She smells like rainbows and cries a melody.



The little less-than-eight-pounder wasn't even as big as K's birthweight!

Her cry was so dainty and sweet.

I held her over the course of a few hours.

She was awake and stared at me long and hard.

I think she just was channeling me to not remove the pacifier from her suckling gums!

Then I held her while she dozed.

Again, not letting go of the nurturing NUK.

We welcomed our new neice that day.

A sweet addition to our family.

My insides fluttered.

But, may I repeat, this has no bearing on the future of my womb.

That place is closed for the season!


Stop asking.

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  1. The Fashionable Housewife said...

    Yeah "closed for the season" is what I said after my first. One was enough for me!!!!

    Now here I am pregnant with number two...

    Looking at other people's cute little babies is making me warm up to situation at hand though. :-P She's a DOLL! What a cute little thing.

  2. Shana said...

    I know that holding my new nephew has awakened the baby fever beast in me. Just wish my body would figure this

  3. Mommies-Miracles said...

    Baby fever is definitely hard to beat. She is precious!

  4. Cinnamon said...

    Love your glasses. Can you tell me what brand those frames are? Thanks!
    cinnamonandhoney [at] gmail dot com

  5. Jennifer said...

    Oh my goodness... my uterus is aching.... and we are definitely done.

  6. Cat@3KidsandUs said...

    She's beautiful Jen!

  7. Keyona said...

    Congrats! I don't think I'll ever get to be an Aunt but I hope when Bubby is born in May that he smells like rainbows too!

  8. Krystyn said...

    Oh, sweet adorableness..what a beauty.

  9. Messy Mommy said...

    C'mon. That doesn't give you the teeniest weeniest inkling for another one?????

  10. Beth said...

    Is this post ATWT? I linked up with the most recent link list I could find but those were all from last week. Maybe I'm just confused ... doesn't take much! Adorable baby!

  11. Patrice said...

    Oh my gosh... I love her! She is the most precious thing ever! Wow!

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