Maybe If His Team Were "The Pikachus"...

So baseball season is upon us and My Boy is a little league Tiger this year.

Opening day and his first games normally happen well after his birthday.

This year, they crossed over a bit.

Baseball practice has been squirrelly.

My son has other things on his mind.

Like his birthday presents.

Legos for instance.




Cool, no?

But baseball is put on his backburner.

Bakugan, Pokemon, Nintendo DS, iPod Touch (that he bought for himself with birthday money, piggy bank coins, and Target giftcards), and just being 9 years old are getting in the way of sports right now.


Not to mention getting hit in the elbow by his teammates pitch.

You know how much that hurts a kid who weighs 60 pounds soaking wet, with no body fat, bones sticking out everywhere and is sensitive?


I never played competitive sports.

Being a mom of a competitive dancer and baseball player makes me crazy.

Crazy in that I hate losing.

Yes, I teach my kids "it's not about winning or losing....yada yada hoo."

But, I'm a sore loser.

I want my kids to win.

All the time.


Is that normal?

Okay I just want them to be successful.

All the time.

At everything.

So far losing a game here or there hasn't deterred My Boy much.

Last year, we had a rough start to the season then we ended up winning the championship.*fist pump YES*

So, while we wait a few weeks before all the birthday hype wears down, and baseball kicks in, I can still dream my son will be a professional baseball player.

But, if he's a creator at Legoland, that would be cool too.

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  1. Beth Zimmerman said...

    I am so with you on wanting to see them succeed! In some ways I suppose my son (now 20) is more mature than I am when it comes to winning at any cost (he won't)! He holds a black belt in karate and is naturally very talented. He quit competing though because it broke his heart that some people are willing to win at the cost of hurting others. He wasn't afraid to get hurt. Just didn't want to play by those rules. Ultimately I decided character outweighs victory and character we have in spades! Bet your boy does too! :)

  2. Mrs4444 said...

    I can relate, as my sister has almost the exact same lego pics on her fb page; her boys are obsessed! :)

    Here's my TWT link...

  3. Mel Fraase said...

    I hear ya! I think out guys would both do well with a job at Legoland. I'm not sure we can tear the DS out of his hand long enough to play in sports, or at least go outside.

  4. Jennifer said...

    Those look like the Lego ships and people in my house too! I hear ya about being competitive. My son's indoor soccer team didn't win a single game.. the tied a few and lost the rest. He's only 6 and they don't officially keep score yet... but it drove me nuts too... I wanted them to win!!

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