Her Wish Came True

So the girl got her wish!

Went to the ortho today thinking we were going to get some of DQ's braces removed.

What we got was an extension.

After taking a look at her teeth, the orthodontist wasn't thrilled by some spacing going on with her top teeth. "That needs a chain!"

Then the lower right canine, "needs to be turned."

Bottom line, we need about 2-3 more months of work.

But the good news is, if we turn that little canine and get the gaps filled then we will NOT have to ever worry about phase two. Really! That's what she said and I believe her. Not to mention I put the bug in her ear that My Boy will be here sooner than later, so I think she's golden on getting two more kids out of the deal from our family.

So the big grin on DQ's face proved to irk me a bit, but this means we will be getting retention when the mess all comes off in a few months.

So we won't be eating apples whole and corn on the cob for dinner just yet.

Why is it so hard to say goodbye? "I just like them, I'm used to them!!" says my oldest daughter with a stubborn-ness of steel.

Well, it's not like we're pulling a limb off or anything!

Kids, I will never understand them.

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  1. Beth Zimmerman said...

    Me either! But it's still good when they're happy!

  2. CalgaryDaddy said...

    If you find the secret to understanding them, do share. Then we can write a book and both retire, lol!


  3. Ann Harrison said...

    She really wants to keep them? Wow. My friend couldn't wait to have them removed. And the first thing we ate? A huge caramel apple. Oh yea baby!

    Well, at least you didn't have to deal with a very disappointed girl. Little blessings, right?

  4. Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

    If she wants to keep them on, why do I feel so disappointed that she has to wear them for another 2-3 months? Forget understanding tweens, I don't even understand myself.

  5. Linda S said...

    good for her! we are looking into Invisalign for Maggie in phase two. Hate that some have to go through it twice.

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