Goodbye Tin Grin

I don't understand tweens.

They're always throwing you for loop.

Tomorrow DQ gets part of her braces off, all of them will be off in 2 weeks.

She's been wearing them for about 4 years.

Apparently she's bonded with them.

I thought she would be thrilled.

Considering she has a double whammy of glasses and braces at an age where a pimple could destroy your self-esteem!


She doesn't want them off.

She wants them on forever.


Phase one of her braces stint is over. It's time.

But, when you think about it, if there's a phase's usually followed by phase two.

Well, that is $3700 more dollars. We paid $3700 for the first phase, 4 years worth. Now they want to begin and end phase two over the course of one year. We said no.

We don't have orthodontic or dental insurance so the only other option is to remove the braces until we decide phase 2 will begin.

If it does at all.

We may look at her teeth and say, "fabulous, you can live with that!" I mean it's leaps and bounds better than when we started. She only has a few teeth that have yet to be bracketed due to just having lost her last of her babies last year.

Not to mention, My Boy.

He's next in line for the tin grin.

I guess neither parent brought the naturally straight tooth gene.


Our orthodontist isn't happy with us, apparently she isn't aware of the state of the economy.

She doesn't want to give us a retainer either, saying it only comes at the end of all phases of braces.

I'll have to get the "heavy" in there to talk to her.

Hubby, that means YOU.

So be ready, honey!

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  1. Heather B. said...

    WOW! She's had them for FOUR years?? Kristen just got her's on today. I decided to wait untl all of her adult teeth were in. Now that they are she will have them on for two years!!!

  2. Beth Zimmerman said...

    Did she give you any idea as to why she doesn't want them off? Course I'd probably be attached to anything that had been part of me for 4 year too! And oh how I hear you on that whole state of the economy thing! Scary the things we are having to put on hold!

  3. Jennifer said...

    I can't believe they do it so early now either! I got mine on after I had all my adult teeth... freshman year of high school and got them off halfway through my senior year. And that wast twenty years ago. I can't believe they won't consider giving you a retainer.. that is so that her teeth will go back and ensure that you spend more money to fix them again. That's just WRONG! And lastly.. I remember being thrilled when I was getting mine off, but it taking about a month for me to like it after they were off... because I got used to seeing them there, it felt like my teeth were HUGE when they were off. I was certain I had horse teeth until everyone I knew convinced me and a month later, they seemed normal to me.

  4. Michele R said...

    First time commenting....
    Back in my day….the kids got them on at age 12 or 13 after the perm teeth came in. I remember a friend of mine with a horrific narrow palate—she got the whole shebang spacers, etc on at age 12 or 13 and by 15.5 or so looked gorgeous. My kids have straight top teeth and crooked bottom. I have purposefully kept them out of an ortho office till all perm teeth came in (no jaw issues, etc.) I am all prepared this summer when we go in for the ortho to be horrified at that.
    Personally I got them at age 28 for two years….
    Does your Hubs work for a co. that has an FSA plan to sign up for these out of pocket expenses? If so, can save some $$ on taxes on his income.

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