Homeschooing via the Boob Tube

K isn't speaking in K-lish as much anymore.

The downfalls of growing up.

She does say a few cute things like:

"Crash Tan" for trash can.

"Fute nollup" for fruit rollup.

And, conversations with her are never boring!

She clearly knows that Ellen DeGeneres is the voice of Dory from Finding Nemo.

So she asks about all the voices from every cartoon/character now.

Is that Sharpay?

Yes, K, Candace on Phineas and Ferb is Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale).

When we were watching Snow White she says,

Is that Dorothy?

Is what Dorothy?

Snow White!! She sounds like Dorothy from Wizuhd of Oz!

Oh! Her voice sounds like Dorothy. You're right it kinda does.

Is it her? Judy Garland. I have no idea. *googling*

Nope, not her.

Do we watch too much TV? Absolutely.

Does it keep the kids thinking and making analytical associations.


TV is homeschool, thank you.

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  1. Beth Zimmerman said...

    Just wait til they get to High School. It's amazing the creative ways you can build up a transcript! :)

  2. Linda S said...

    I'm homeschooling my youngest (17 now) and it's amazing how educational Rachael Ray is. Not sure she's ready for the final exam tho.

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