It's Friday, He's Sleeping In.

Yeah, so it's Friday.

That means my Hubby is home.

It's our first day of the 20% pay cut, and I told him he could sleep in.

He deserves it.

He is completely awesome. For the last 12 years since I stopped working, he's gotten up, taken the kids to school, and has gone to work to make our lives what they are. And they are full. All the kids have extra-curricular activities thanks to dad. They all have special toys, electronics, and take cool vacations thanks to dad's amazing work ethic.

He deserves to sleep in today.

He's also applied for another job. In town. A step-up, a managerial position.
While he may not be 100% qualified, one door is partially ajar and another has opened and offered itself.

We aren't holding our breath. It may not be exactly what we want, but in this economy you really can't be too choosy.

I love the strength and positive attitude my husband has. I envy it. He doesn't give up.

I'm still in denial.

Plus, I went to the school district and they are not taking substitute applications, it's bad for everyone in education right now, I know that. I still take it personally and sulked about it all day yesterday.

Possibly in the fall I can apply.


I have to admit it. I don't want to work just anywhere. I know money is money and it's very selfish on my part, but it's true. I want to do what I love. Or at least what I could like a little. Right now things aren't terrible, just bad. Things can change though, for better or worse and I'm not ready to don the McDonald's uniform. There I said it.

----Update 8:37 am, and he's up and playing poker with K. He just told me he's happy to spend the day with us. I married a saint.

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  1. Rachel said...


    It is scary right now; my hubby's job changed this year and it hasn't been a good change yet.

    He told me I may have to back into teaching.

    I'm not ready for that.

  2. Ranch Girl said...

    I know it has to be hard, but sounds like you're both rolling with the punches. By the way, my hubby said even if they aren't looking for subs, they should have taken your application - total dingbats is what I say!

  3. scargosun said...

    I hate that even when you have a job it's scary all the time that you could lose it. Makes you panicky and put off doing fun things to save money. I hate being grown up sometimes.

  4. Merrie said...

    You really did marry a wonderful man -- I'm so glad you have each other through whatever changes may come.
    You still have me, too! :)

  5. The Mom Jen said...

    Lis, they won't take an app now! Plus they pinked and let go the asst. Super Tuesday and the Super is retiring but I hear is going to resign for medical like any day now. It's a MESS at the D.O.

  6. Formerly known as Frau said...

    you did marry a saint and so are you! I hope he gets the job he wants. In the mean time enjoy the Fridays time together is priceless. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Shana Putnam said...

    I have a wonderful husband like that too and times are really rough but we are making it. I will keep you guys in my prayers.

  8. Ranch Girl said...

    Definitely sounds like it's a mess! There isn't much right now on, but you should check that site every once in a while. Right now there aren't many postings, but as the pink slips get rescinded and districts get ready for Fall 2010 there will probably be more.

  9. Jessica Warrick said...

    good luck with the job situation. im your newest follower form Mommy Blogger Directory and you can check my blog out at htpp://

  10. Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

    He sounds like a great guy, and you guys sound like a great team. This tough time will pass and I'm sure you won't have to work with Ronald, The King or Wendy.

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