It Could be Worse, She Could Love Snakes!

Spring time means outdoors.

Outdoors for K means going in the dirt and finding stuff, like snails.

Last year she showed an affinity for the slime-trailing creatures and this year the obsession hasn't waned a bit.


Outdoor weeding brought snails in plain view and K flipped out in a "I love gross stuff!" kind of way.

The collection started small.


Then grew into a creepy bucket-full of gastropods. I had to close my eyes when I took this shot so I wouldn't gag.


By the end of the afternoon, she had them trained to walk tightropes of grass blades.

I think they were trying to escape.


She begged to take the bucket in the house and I screamed, "NOT ON YOUR LIFE!" because ew.

But later in the evening, she said she had a surprise for me. I had all but forgotten about the creepy crawlies when she showed me this caterpillar. "I'll just keep him in my room until he turns into a butterfly!"


Yeah, not!

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  1. Cecily R said...

    What a character she is!

    For such a slimy subject, you certainly got some amazing pictures out of her obsession. The escape shot is awesome!

  2. Me said...

    You need to come up to the Turtle Bay Exploration Park. It is currently butterfly season and they have a huge (by our towns standards) butterfly exhibit. The grand opening was on Saturday. I took my youngest Z yesterday--there are currently around 50-60 butterflies, with about 100 crysallises waiting to hatch. For $1, little Z was able to release a new monarch and name it--she was sooo excited. Then a butterfly landed on her hair and stayed there for about 5 minutes. Such a good time!

    By June there will be hundreds of butterflies in this exhibit--it is truly amazing to walk through.

  3. Beth @ TheAngelForever said...

    Ugh, talk about timing on your post. I just found some of these nasty critter climbing up the wall in our front yard. Ugh, need to figure out what to do to get rid of them. Love the photos of your daughter, but could have lived without the gross part ;)

  4. Unknown said...

    I love this--K is so adorable and I love that even though she is a year older she is still loving on the snails.

    And I vividly remember this from last year--I love it!


  5. Dee said...

    holy cow! I've never seen that many snails at one time.

    Evan's new thing is picking up those worms that got friend while crawling across concrete...nice...

  6. Jennifer said...


  7. Erin said...

    Holy snails! I've never seen so many! I dread the day my boys try to bring creepy crawlies into the house...or succeed when they actually succeed at it :-)

  8. Heather B. said...

    She is hysterical!!! She is definitely the "Snail Queen"!!!

  9. Julie D said...

    Oh my. Let's see if she's still this way in about 10 years! LOL

  10. bless their hearts mom said...

    yeah i had the same thing when I was young, but i had boy cousins, so it was snakes...

    glad i grew out of that one!

    The butterfly comment was cute- time for a butterfly garden net- at least they're contained!

  11. Michelle said...

    I don't love snails so I am not sure how I would handle my child;s love of snails but you seem to do well with it.

  12. Unknown said...

    LOL! Ew Ew Ew on the big bucket of Snails!

  13. Linda S said...

    ew and ew and ew. have a great summer!

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