Little Kids Trapped in Hormone-soaked Bodies

State testing went on for DQ last week.

Math and Language Arts for 4 days, the kids were drained and needed a bit of fun.

In the past, her teacher has chosen one day during the school year to celebrate all the kids' birthdays in the class.

What a way to ease the stress and pressure than a big birthday party!

At first, I thought...6th and 7th graders, ages 11-13, really are they going to go for it?

Hells yah!

Trapped inside those hormonally-challenged bodies are children who love to have fun.

Together with their teacher, we blew up balloons and got the games ready and anticipated the kids to come in.


The kids entered the classroom and lit up with smiles stretched across their faces. "PIN THE TAIL ON THE DONKEY? YES!" they screamed.

Seriously, they turned back into 6 year olds and had the times of their lives.

Frozen bubble-gum game went over well (first one to make a bubble wins).

I had groups come out and use sidewalk chalk and they were in heaven.

Boys were making football and basketball logos, girls were making their names in bubble letters. At one point, the perfectionists in them asked me for water to "erase" their mistakes. Gotta love over-achievers!

Often when I'm at the school offering my help to the teacher, I rarely get a glance in my direction from my embarassed tween. It was great to have her come up and tell me how she was "a mile off" in pin the tail on the donkey..."mom I had on a blindfold and no glasses!"

Even more, I loved the class, they are so sweet and overall nice kids. I most often do paperwork for the teacher so I don't get to spend time around them, but it was pretty fun.

Who knew all you need to soften a tween was some cake and games geared for age 3 and up!

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  1. scargosun said...

    Cake is all I need and I am 37. ;)

  2. Heather said...

    awwwww, I love this post!

    Tweens aren't always evil :)

  3. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

    Who doesn't love a good party? How nice of you to be able to do something so special for all of them.

  4. Katie's Dailies said...

    It's funny that I came across your blog with this post this evening. My 16-year-old daughter is getting ready to take her college board AP History test tomorrow. And her reward? Next Wednesday, her teacher is taking the whole class to a local park to play and "debrief" all afternoon. Isn't that great? Tweens and teens act so grown up most of the time, but put them on swings, slides or in front of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, and they are instantly transformed into their little 3-yr.-old selves!

    Love this post! Now following!

  5. Michelle said...

    That is awesome! My kids are approaching this age.

  6. Former Fat Chick said...

    I went on a field trip to the Fair with my then 12 year old son- and was left in charge of a group of 6 boys- my son still called me Mommy- no one made fun- the rest of the day they all called me Mom, and took turns hanging on my arm, it was the sweetest.

  7. Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

    Heck, that sounds like fun to ME!

  8. Unknown said...

    See I always loved stuff like that no matter my age. Heck today give me a good chocolate ice cream and I am in heaven :)

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