Mother's Day Moon Walk

Happy Mother's Day!

K woke me chattering a mile a minute.

"Mommy, let's count....ABCDEFG...." No honey, that's the alphabet, counting goes like this.. 12345678...

"Oh yeah like at dance. 5-6-7-8...."


She started drawing "muvver's day" pictures for me. "Mom, do you want a tail?" HUH?! "I'm going to put a tail on you." Alrighty then.

DQ woke with tween angst and turns out she has a gnarley sore throat.

My boy jumped into bed and asked what was for breakfast. That was hubby's cue.

A few minutes later, after finding a box of broken eggs (?!), the scent of bacon filled the house. Bacon in bed is the best.

No real plans for Mother's Day. My mom is in Cabo San Lucas with my dad and their friends for a week, so they are living la vida loca I'm sure. The couple's daughter called me yesterday to let me know they all arrived safely and were already mid-fiesta en la playa. I guess my parents had one too many cervezas and forgot my phone number!

As for a big day, my honey took me to my fave local restaurant last night. Yum dinner and wine, and we ran into some people we knew, today was just mostly chillaxin'.

After a nice lunch, we strolled over and checked out some local stores. We headed into a thrift shop and while looking at junk antiques, My Boy started MOON-WALKING.

Yes, I said MOON-WALKING. It's his thing lately. It's hilarious mostly because he can't really do it at all, but he thinks he can.

So, we're in this "antique" shop looking at DVDs and My Boy decides he wants to moon-walk in the shop. So he "does" and falls backwards right into a box of old hammers.

I cannot make this up.

I try not to laugh and this lady looks at me like I'm a horrible mother. I mean, he's okay, his wrist is a little sore, but generally, just embarassed. I'm only laughing at the fact that my son just got injured MOON-WALKING. It's a story to tell. Thank god for this blog so I can share it with the world 10's of you reading!

It's been a great day, thanks to my whole family for loving me, cooking for me, and making me laugh!

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  1. Kristina said...

    I thought you were going to say then Allen bought the hammers! :)


  2. Katie's Dailies said...

    I would've busted put laughing, too!

    Today my son presented me with a card that includes the phrase, "...spoil my nefarious plans...". THAT was my belly laugh for the day! Glad you had a fun day!

  3. Merrie said...

    Moonwalking into hammers -- sounds blog worthy! hehe Happy Mother's Day wonderful friend!!

  4. Ranch Girl said...

    Too funny - I just asked my boy if he had anything to do with the moonwalking bit - he had to moonwalk in the play he just did. He said, yes, he and your boy had talked about it!

  5. Jennifer said...

    Moonwalking into a box of hammers? I just don't know what to say about that... but it DID make me laugh out loud.

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